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Archives » Bandit/Creature Drops EDIT
Year 15 Day 54 13:12
Lawrence Kingston

What is the success rate of a bandit squad/creature squad dropping any loot? Is there a formula for it? So far I've killed 36 Tauntauns, 12 Bandits, 4 Bears, and 2 Wampas and still nothing! Thanks for all help!

Follow up: Is it every BANDIT has a 5% chance to drop something when killed, or the squad has a 5% chance to drop something when killed?

Edited By: Lawrence Kingston on Year 15 Day 55 1:55

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Year 15 Day 54 13:18
Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson

I do believe it's something like 5% chance for a bandit to drop a piece of its equipment, then it's a random piece of equipment (equal chance?), but I might be wrong on the exact number.


That's got to smarts.
Year 15 Day 54 15:53

If an NPC has 1,2 or 10 items, there's a 5% chance he'll drop ONE item.

The more things he's carrying the less likely he'll drop a specific item you're hoping he'll drop.

Per creatures, there's a 5% chance they'll drop something, and then based on their "size" there's a few different % chances that item will be an egg.

So if I kill a Rancor for example, there's a 5% chance he'll drop a trophy or egg. Then, given he's a large(?) he's got I believe a 2% chance that the item dropped, is an egg. So your odds of a Rancor Egg are like some percentage of a percent, given how strong they are.


Year 15 Day 54 20:17
Lawrence Kingston

Thanks to both of you guys!


::Find a way or make one::
Year 15 Day 55 1:56
The 5% chance is per bandit/creature you kill, not per squad.


Year 15 Day 55 1:59
Lawrence Kingston

Awesome. Thanks!


::Find a way or make one::
Year 15 Day 55 19:33
Colossal creatures do not drop eggs. According to Jesfa at least. There was a forum post about this yesteryear.

Year 15 Day 55 19:34
That's still the case, yes.