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Year 15 Day 57 19:04
Xakic Jix

Do these planets follow the same rules as Darkness planets as far as no one can get arrested on them and they are open to the galaxy??



Year 15 Day 57 20:37
Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson

I'd wager to say that's why those planets are owned by an admin faction. Otherwise no one would do the quests because hunters would camp the quest spots.


That's got to smarts.
Year 15 Day 57 22:31
Xakic Jix

I have that same assumption but I would rather have actual facts. Also those quest are said to be for just FS so that could mean that only FS will be allowed on those planets, but once again those are rumors and not facts..;)

I am asking so that I know for certain and there for can plan accordingly



Year 15 Day 57 23:27
How about you wait for actual information from the admins to come forth as to what the planets will be used for, etc. If nobody has the info you can't plan, and they wont release said info until they are ready to. So be patient.

Year 15 Day 58 8:08
Kendall Holm

Admin planets follow the same rules as every other planet in game there is no exemptions. On that note no admin, that I know, will ever grant anyone permissions to arrest and/or execute on their planets


Year 15 Day 58 12:20
Xakic Jix

Excellent, thank you Kendall. I was just making sure it was safe for me to hunt on one.