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Archives » Recycling Formulas Disappeared from Rules page
Ruben Wan


I have just found out that the formulas for time needed, RMs retrieved and recycling cost have been removed from the Rules page.

I am sure they were displayed time ago.

Does anyone know the reason why they are gone? Are they still valid, or something has changed?




Ruben Wan

Nothing changed with the rules, admins just took blind approach with industry now, for lack of better term. Basically all formulas are hidden now.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
--> Lvl 5 FI Operator - Free Service <--

Yep, intentional.

Last I knew, all of the formula hiding was supposed to be undone before it got synced since there was a fair amount of objection to that approach even among the staff. Perhaps this was overlooked, or someone I won't mention so you won't know I'm referring to Jesfa thought it'd be a good idea to hide because he likes the idea of making shit stupidly complicated for people.




They were meant to be re-added in.

Feel free to continue wild-accusations about things though Syn :)


Kendall Holm

They were added back in or at least most of them. My logs state they are still sitting waiting for Sync. But I can look again


Wild accusations aren't necessary when your opinions are documented in a Leaders forum thread, but I can certainly come up with some if you prefer that instead. I'm very imaginative.

In any case, some of the hidden rules were unhidden before the sync that hid them in the first place was carried out as far as I recall, hence the resulting confusion. There was a long discussion about that in advance pertaining to whether something counts as having been changed when it can be changed back before being synced. It was absolutely fascinating.



Ruben Wan

Wow, I'm really taken aback by hearing all these stories.
I do agree those debates have been fascinating. :-)

I am glad nothing has basically changed in recycling, thank you for your exhaustive explanations.

As for the formulas, if I may speak my mind, it is "reassuring" for me to be able to understand - a little at least - how this complex game works.

Also, there are some formulas that I consider "elegant", and others that are straightforward, straight to the point. I understand I am 1 out of 2865 active players to have this feeling when staring at the Rules page, but I wanted to tell you (the coders) that it is also a way, for me, to appreciate your efforts.

Frankly, I don't think I would have the skills to come up with some of your formulas.

Anyway, the question is answered, nothing has changed, and the formulas will be synced at the next available date.

Thank you all for your replies. :-D



Ruben Wan