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Archives » Production of Ships 80metres Long
Year 15 Day 66 11:18
On the rules it says: "There must be sufficient capacity in weight and volume in the facility/station to hold the finished product(s). The available space includes that which is currently taken up by the materials that production will use. (This doesn't apply to ships 80 metres or larger because they're built outside.)"

We recently ran into an issue with a ship that was exactly 80 meters long not being able to be built in an SY1 due to it lacking the capacity to hold the ship.

I know the rules pages can be out-of-date and that changes are not always reflected, so I was wondering if an admin could provide insight as to whether this is an intended change or if that's a bug. The use of "80 metres or larger" suggests to me that it's in error, but I know some people use that to mean greater than 80 metres at times.

Similarly, factories are stated to be able to produce ships less than 80 metres, which if the issue above is with greater than or equal to, are factories to be less than or equal to or do they really mean less than?



Year 15 Day 66 11:53
Kendall Holm

What ship are you trying to build?


Year 15 Day 66 13:33
W-23 Starhauler

The station retooled successfully and then gave an error saying there wasn't enough capacity to hold it within the station. I checked, the station is completely empty. It's mainly to find out whether this is a bug or a rules update forum issue.

It seems strange to not be able to build it in an SY-1


Year 15 Day 66 13:58
Kendall Holm

A W-23 Star hauler cannot fit in a SY1. A W-23 is 42,600 cubic meters. A SY-1 only has a 24,500 cubic meter capacity. If it is trying to build one inside. So it is prob a rules overlook


Year 15 Day 66 14:19
Thank you!


Year 15 Day 66 17:35
The 80m+ rule is for factories and factory stations, with any ship 80m or longer being unable to be produced there.