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Archives » Getting tanks on the ground
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Year 15 Day 74 7:31
Ill try this again:

I can fit my army, my tanks, my infantry dropships and my equipment in my Hypothetical corona. Easily. With space to spare.

What I require: A method of getting the tanks back out of the corona, and onto the ground. This function is not fufilled by any ship I can find, with the exception of GE only tech.


Signed, Jaster Krent.
Year 15 Day 74 8:23

cheap, hangar bay, can dock in the Corona and can land on the surface.
problem solved.


Year 15 Day 74 9:09
Your problem is only solved if your tank weighs 10 tons or less...

Year 15 Day 74 10:34
Questions for clarification:

Does the ship that will carry the fighters need to fit inside the corona?
How many vehicles are you trying to fit in this hypothetical ship?
Are weapons/shields/hull of high importance?
What kind of tanks?

There are ships that can fit the bill, but I can't accurately offer up suggestions without knowing these answers.

Edited By: Jevon Lambright on Year 15 Day 74 10:34
Year 15 Day 74 11:16
If by tanks you mean something like Hoverscout(, than no, there is no ship for you out there, unless you can snatch some from GE. If you would be satisfied by Hover Transport TC9( ), than there are plenty of solutions out there like my favorite Simiyiar Light Freighter(

Year 15 Day 74 11:25
Type of tank: - Only publically available vehicle close to tank. I don't know whats on the R&D chart so I can't plan for that.

At least 1 full squad.

Ship has to fit.

Stats of the dropship are secondary as I can't use my tanks in the first place without it.

J'dej - the TC9 is a transport, not a tank. I suppose I could use it *as* a tank if I had to but it wouldn't compete with any other armour on the market.


Signed, Jaster Krent.
Year 15 Day 74 11:27
Dan Hakim

What about an Action VI, that holds a lot and if you throw your troops into the vehicles before loading them onto it you should fine.


Year 15 Day 74 11:43
Can you put Action VI in Corona? No, you can not.

Yes, i know it is not tank, but as said, that is best you can hope to fit in your plans and that is publicly available. As for full squad, as far as i know, how many vehicles of each type will go in squad will be decided in future, prior to vehicle combat.

Year 15 Day 74 12:39
the main problem seems to be your "mother" ship, if you go with something like a MTC instead, it should solve your problems

Year 15 Day 74 13:00
Jaster. Is. Poor.


Signed, Jaster Krent.
Year 15 Day 74 14:16
Sounds like a personal problem.



Year 15 Day 74 15:01
Being poor limits your options. If you cannot afford the capacity of ship you need to pull off your plan, then you cannot do what you intend to do. Seems fairly simple at that p[oint.

The hoverscout is also extremely large(stat wise) for its size, which would explain why you are having problems fitting it. What about MTV-7s or AT-PTs? Lighter on the weaponry, bus still assault vehicles.

Year 15 Day 74 15:18
Because the general purpose of a tank is to be more resiliant than your soldiers. Which the MTV-7 is not.


Signed, Jaster Krent.
Year 15 Day 74 16:14
Christian Hall

Your assuming Hull will continue to translate directly to hp.
it does right now, but probably won't in the future.

Year 15 Day 74 17:33
Hull doesnt translate to anything right now, so saying hull is less, equal to, or greater than HP is ridiculous. The way weapons will affect hull is likely to be different than the way it affects organic tissue.

Year 15 Day 74 18:07
As it stands a TF battledroid is several times more durable than a tank. I can only go off the numbers I'm given.


Signed, Jaster Krent.
Year 15 Day 74 18:19
Battledroid > tank.

Because that makes so much sense.

Year 15 Day 74 18:55
Hmm, since people still seem to be trying to dock to shift vehicles from ship to ship, here is a handy image for you:


That is in the vehicle cargo section. Click on the hilighted load button and you can move your vehicle from one ship to another ship, without either of them needing to be docked inside the other one!


Year 15 Day 74 19:24
Yes .... but I need to dock the dropship inside the warship so that I can make hyperjumps, as I can't be on both ships simultainiously. Even if I could, or hired a pilot who so happens to share my timezone and online-schedual, I can't control the speed of hyper jumps my dropship would hit the system before I did.


Signed, Jaster Krent.
Year 15 Day 74 19:55
The easy answer would be "Don't try to run a one person armada"

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