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Year 15 Day 78 17:49
Thanks Var, what is the CP payout for that?? XD

Year 15 Day 78 17:59
Depends on how good they are, im not adverse to shelling out 8-10k for the highest quality.

Year 15 Day 78 18:23
I am surprised there are not more submissions then with a potential incentive like that... sooooo many new cockpits are needed.

Year 15 Day 78 19:55
Not many people with both art skills and motivation. Many of those who have both are already on the art team, which does a bunch of other stuff that likely tends to take priority.



Year 15 Day 80 13:24
Deleted Post
Deleted by Skeltsco Ofsseto. Reason: Out of Line.
Year 15 Day 80 13:35
So you'll intentionally aggravate the art team instead of fixing an image that breaks the rules?

Year 15 Day 80 13:44
Sorry, couldn't get to load fast enough to delete that.

Edit: Jevon and I discussed the issue. Resolved, no more torches and pitch forks.

Edited By: Skeltsco Ofsseto on Year 15 Day 80 14:28

Recruiter for Black Nebula Engineering.
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