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Year 15 Day 79 4:30
Raidan Spike

I was wondering if anyone could tell me who exactly can control these stations, and what can be done with them. I read somewhere they are Admin owned, and was interested to know how that worked out, particularly in relation to the NR's involvement with the Galactic Museum. Also, apart from Togans', the GM and Maw Research Installation, have any others been discovered? Thanks!

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Year 15 Day 79 12:25
Are you referring to stations like Jubilee Wheel? They're something Jesfa was working on for the achievement system; I'm not sure how far along he is but they will surely remain admin owned. Centrepoint Space Station is a different animal entirely and predates all of these others by years and years and is a unique case. If you are broadening that definition of unique stations, there are also a number of modded stations floating around, as well as stations from before all of the stations were converted into their present types, as some owners chose not to convert theirs.



Year 15 Day 79 14:31
Raidan Spike

Yeah, I was thinking more about those like the GM or Void Station.

Year 15 Day 79 15:43

There are a few different unique stations out there.

Centrepoint is owned by Togan, I had heard rumors Khiluum was also his from an old redbat game.

The GM I believe is admin owned, but run/operated by the New Republic, as part of an arrangement made for a modded super-station to be created.

Then pretty much any/all of the other unique stations are sitting in Quests inventory until the day we get the quests system online, or Pazaak.


Year 15 Day 79 16:23
Raidan Spike

Cool. Thanks guys!


Year 15 Day 79 16:32
Dragomir Kies

Does it mean that through Quests system you will be able to take control of some/any of those ?

Year 15 Day 79 16:41
No, they will remain admin owned. The quests are not meant to give you control.

Year 15 Day 80 1:11
Dragomir Kies

<.< bummer :)