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Archives » Combat. What's the hold up?
Year 15 Day 84 17:00
So pvp combat was released about a year ago on Derra as a test. I assume the intent was to work out potential bugs etc..

At this point in time, what is preventing combat from being unleashed on the entire Galaxy? How much more work is there to be done? Is there an updated ETA?



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Year 15 Day 84 17:08
Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson

Probably because it's still actively a test and the game isn't ready for it to be implemented.


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Year 15 Day 84 18:50
The hold up? No coders.

A number of things need to be fixed and/or implemented for it to be galaxy-wide but there are no people to actually do it at the moment.

ETA: Unavailable.



Year 15 Day 85 12:56
What about releasing it on other Darkness worlds in the meantime?

Year 15 Day 85 13:00
the game isn't ready for it to be implemented 

Year 15 Day 85 13:55
Because there is far more to ground combat than simply people firing at people (or NPCs firing at people).

Building combat (both destroying buildings and actually using their weapon systems).
Vehicle combat (both destroying vehicles and actually using their weapon systems).
Ship combat (both destroying ships and actually using their weapon systems).

And yes, ship combat is equally a part of ground combat since, in theory, ships will be able to bombard and have bombing runs.

Year 15 Day 86 11:19
I hate it when people constantly ask. They'll add it when it's ready. For now we sit hopefully awaiting it in the future :)



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Year 15 Day 86 12:51
Jorus Serto

The hold up? No coders. 

If that's the case... I haven't seen any drive to recruit new coders for the dev team. Why is that not happening so new coders can join the team and resume development? I don't mean to sound accusatory, just really curious as to why that is not the case.

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Year 15 Day 86 12:58
Because the code is being moved to github before that happens, which is still in progress.



Year 15 Day 86 13:02
Jorus Serto

Ah ok, thanks.


Year 15 Day 87 4:48

Not to mention that no coders have late magically just appeared :p

Its a member driven game, and if we don't have any members who have the skills there's not much to be done, until we find some fresh blood via github.


Year 15 Day 87 8:23
Matt Solomon

As if by magic......

What particular coding skills are you looking for?


Year 15 Day 87 10:21

Year 15 Day 87 16:42
Kendall Holm



Year 15 Day 89 23:57
Matt Solomon

Thanks, I'll have a read through the forum and think about what I can offer.


Year 15 Day 90 2:57
I suspect combat could be implemented sooner and maybe even rolled out in pieces if we ceased the one life scenario and gave people a chance to have multiple lives via either a timer so that when Hp reaches -10 they are out of the game for a week and wake up in a designated faction hospital.



Year 15 Day 90 6:04
One of the possible ideas of combat is that once you reach 0 HP you aren't dead, but stunned/unconscious. It would take someone walking up and using an improved A/E style system to actually kill you. So it wont be as easy to kill PCs, you would still need to go up and finish the job.

Year 15 Day 90 11:47
How the hell would changing the death system make combat come sooner? It would necessitate EVEN MORE CODING to override a decade of established practice.

This is a stupid callout thread.