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Year 15 Day 86 10:32
Dijiaca Corilijic Koppar

Is it currently intended to only be able to start a station with a single builder? I had 100 sitting around and did not get the option to select more than one at a time.

Given that I can't add builders later, the SYs I am building are going to take longer than anticipated.

Year 15 Day 86 10:55
Blot Hlidskjalf

We did not had any problems starting stations.
T2's are running with 5 builders each and the rec4 is running with 25.

No problems with selecting 1-25 builders for a station.

Year 15 Day 86 11:29
Xakic Jix

when building station you have to select them differently then when building a facility. Also I think (once again I think) you have to be assigned to the NPCs you are wanting to use, even if you one them.



Year 15 Day 86 12:49
Dijiaca Corilijic Koppar

I owned all of them, had all of them assigned, and they were all waiting in the entrance room of my Corona.

When starting construction on the first, it gave me the option of 3 builders total. I used one, confused as to why this was the case. When starting another, it gave me a choice between the two left from the original 3.

So, yeah, this is a definite problem for me.

Year 15 Day 86 12:57
Xakic Jix

that is odd, might want to submit a bug report



Year 15 Day 86 16:30
I had trouble with this when I was a player. I believe our oucome was that they must be owned by the receiver of the faction, and assigned to the builder as 'manager'.

I was never the builder though, so I will go slap Ghost until he peeks over here.


May your path be swift, and your pockets heavy:

Year 15 Day 86 17:03
Dijiaca Corilijic Koppar

That might explain the issue, then.

I personally owned all of the builders and was building for a faction. Although, that doesn't explain why only 3 of the builders were ever available. Nothing unique about any of them.

I'll go about submitting a ticket later this evening.

Year 15 Day 86 18:21
Maybe the others were in a squad or party?


Year 15 Day 86 20:28
Dijiaca Corilijic Koppar

All 97? No, none of them were partied. It was a fairly random bunch of builders with assorted levels and races.

The only unifying elements were: They were builders, they were all the entrance/exit, they were all owned (managed and operated as well) by me, and they were being used to build a SY for a faction.

This is why I'm so confused.

Year 15 Day 86 22:25
I am not sure if this is what happened, but I know I made this mistake myself when just building.

You have to physically select each builder you wish to use. from the list of builders in the option window.

By shift clicking on them and highlighting them, Not sure if this is what happened to you.

But since I haven't built in a while it happened to me on the first try of building something. I didn't click the rest of the builders I brought with me and only one started building.

Hope this helps.

Year 15 Day 87 9:43
Dijiaca Corilijic Koppar

Galin, it only gave me the option of those three builders total. Nothing else was in the box.

I was simply deeply confused, and wondered if stations had been changed to only allow a single builder to start them.

Year 15 Day 92 18:52
Vonar Solon

I believe this just happened to me, I was assigned Manager of the builders, but the supervisor was set to none.

I have 60 with me and I am assigned manager of them all, but the 7 that show up on the list I am assigned manager and supervisor. Since I was manager I just assigned myself supervisor and now they all show up for me to choose from.

Not sure if this is the same issue entirely

Edited By: Vonar Solon on Year 15 Day 92 19:06
Year 15 Day 180 19:33
Theofan Maercan

I just built 3 shipyards the other day with 25 builders each. Black Curs owns them, Slayn and Korpil were assign manager and I was supervisor. Aside from that they were all in the entrance room of the tabder I used to build.