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Year 15 Day 88 0:18
As a long time member of SWC, I remember the trying days between swsim and swc. Many hours were put into respectable factions and ensuring when a new member joined SWC, the faction choices would be relatively engaging.

There was a standard which was upheld so new players more often than not would find an active faction, updated site, information accessible.

When I look at the faction list now, I see many factions but most have websites that barely would pass criteria from the early days.

Having active, engaging factions is a key component of the galaxy. Its easy for a new member to get swept into an inactive faction and quit the game.

As a small community new members are the lifeblood of continuing the swc legacy, as people leave we need to have people to replace those.

Maybe having more unlimited factions without a strong requirement isnt the best long term. NFGs could be more prevalent with becoming and staying a faction far more difficult.

I was wondering when we would start doing faction checks again, I worry for the the state of the game which Ive enjoyed for so many years losing new members due to poorly managed factions and too many of these land mines of inactivity driving new people away.



Year 15 Day 88 0:29
There is no website requirement anymore. An inactive faction will eventually wither and die, and if it doesn't (meaning it can meet the requirements in the Rules) well then bully for them finding a way to be efficient. That's the paragon of capitalistic ideals.

Year 15 Day 90 2:54
Well clearly capitalist ideals are severely flawed, the idea of impoverishing many so that a few perceived elites prosper is a tired and worn ideal slowly being eroded by a mixed market approach. Even the pinnacle of capitalism the good ol US of A has embarked on redistributing wealth under the guise of capitalism to an even fewer concentration of hands.

However, its less capitalism than veterans of the game forgetting what its like and how difficult it is to be new.

Its easy for veterans to say well what does it matter. However we have an obligation to new members and to the integrity of the game itself to have active relevant factions not asset depots.

Sadly this vision of community and growing it is being lost and so the game continues a slow decline.



Year 15 Day 90 21:16
Your rant has very little relevance to the game itself and is largely not appropriate to this forum.

If your focus is on how everyone forgot how hard it was being new, however, bear in mind that under the current system it is now much easier for players to create factions sooner, which for many is one of their goals in SWC. Sounds like you forgot how that works, yourself.

Aside from dissolution timers being temporarily broken, which is not intended and will be corrected when possible, inactivity dissolution addresses your concern about inactive factions (not to mention that if a faction truly is inactive, it won't have anyone present to accept the join request--much less to send the initial recruitment DMs that lead people to most of the factions in the first place--so new players are highly unlikely to end up in any factions of reasonable concern).

In any case, your actual question has already been answered, and you can take suggestions to the appropriate forums.