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Year 15 Day 89 9:52

So. Kind of curious. What are peoples views on someone creating as one race(for stat boosts) and actually RPing another race ?

Like picking Gand for the Force power boost, and actually RP a human?

Year 15 Day 89 10:06
You won't be allowed to do that in most official areas of the site like the RPG centre or WS board. If you intend on RPing you'll have to roleplay your actual race.



Year 15 Day 89 10:29
The 1% boost isnt really worth it, if you want to RP a human, create a human character.

Year 15 Day 89 18:23
Your criteria for creating a Character should be
1. Do you like to Role Play the X race?
2. Do you like the Racial Bonuses of the X race (Race Multiplier and Race Skills)

If you want to become a trader or fighter or builder or whatever you can wish, pick one race that "helps" the stats you want to focus. But as the levels ups will come you will see that every character can master many aspects of game (piloting, Projectile fighting, Repair and the list goes on).

Don't let Force Probability to be the major factor of what you will pick, because its possible that you will end up with a character that don't like, don't role play and not Force Sensitive.

4 and 5% is not so bad either for Force Probability. ;)


Year 15 Day 89 19:07
I personally dislike people choosing a race for stats and saying they are a different race. People using human avatars or something like that and actually being Geonosian or something upsets me as well. I believe your avvie and your RP should represent what your race actually is. I do acknowledge though that some races are harder than others to find a suitable picture to use for your avatar, so if you at least try to make it look like your race in that capacity than I have no problem with that,

Year 15 Day 89 20:41
You can personally dislike it all you wish but as long as the majority of forums are OOC, there will always be many of us who just use random OOC avatars and keep our actual character info in the bio fields/holocron/etc. :p

FS% is so low for all of the starting races that your best bet regardless of the race you select is simply to keep leveling, as you have a higher chance every 5 levels. 4% or 5% starting won't make much difference.



Year 15 Day 90 12:30
yes, yes I can, as he asked for people's views, I gave mine to him. I hardly see avvies that show up when looking at a character's bio to be ooc, to each their own though I guess

Year 15 Day 90 13:48
Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson

I always pictured avatars to be considered OOC because they can't be actively monitored by the art team to make sure they conform to "standards" to keep them IC. For example, Syn is currently using an adorable cat Loki as his avatar. Do you think that his character IC is a cat instead of an Anzati?

Either way, I know any personal RP I've ever done I've always required anyone joining in to RP as their actual darkness race. I think people that RP as another race are just silly. I know there are quite a few people that change races just to get a skill reset yet keep RPing as their original race which I feel is as bit sketchy.


That's got to smarts.
Year 15 Day 90 14:36
Avatars are OOC and largely for the benefit of the player who wears it (look at the Rate my Avatar thread and tell me we're not all just fishing for compliments). A while back there was a suggestion for a dual avatar system (IC and OOC), since the avatar does show up when your character is scanning or in the same room as another player or NPC. I think the balance of convenience far outweighs the damage of an OOCish avatar in that scenario.

I know there are quite a few people that change races just to get a skill reset yet keep RPing as their original race which I feel is as bit sketchy. 

Sketchy indeed. I also find sketchy the "hybrids" who claim a consistent flux between the two races without ever resolving it. When the subject comes up in pre-scenario training it's always a "play the race your character is" answer from me.

I also find it a little sketchy for players to have the race change, but still retain their previous characters' traits fully despite often dramatic physical changes. Kind of like they're just a human wearing an alien suit, they often keep the Mind (intelligence, insight, wisdom, critical thinking) of the prior race, and shove that into a "tank" class like Abyssin, Gammo, etc., to get the best of both worlds for RP and in-game combat. Kind of twinkish, IMO. I'd really like to see someone RP the Metamorphosis Plague like Kafka, and fully embrace the major difficulty in adjusting to a new physical form, not just "hey here's a chance to get more HP and a skill reset".

People do what they gotta do to have fun playing this game, though. If that means jacking up their survivability for In-Game actions and RPing as if they're still themselves, just in a Gamorrean body that got a cybernetic implant suite including a new voicebox so he can still speak eloquently and still think as well as he used to... Makes me gag a little, but so be it.

Bottom line is your character is the race they are, try to act like it.