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Year 15 Day 89 10:01
Ruben Wan

Dear admins,

I've noticed that when selecting "caves" from the city designer all facilities up to 5x5 included can be selected.

The Rules page states that the limit for caves is 3x5, so 4x7, 4x8, and 5x5 (except mine) should be in red.

I remember there was a long discussion on making it possible to build 5x5 facilities in caves, so I wonder if the code for the City Designer was changed at that time.

At present, it is not possible to build anything larger than 3x5 from the dropdown menu when building facilities in caves.

If there is a discrepancy between the City Designer and the actual SWC code, this could lead many to confusion.


Ruben Wan

Year 15 Day 89 10:38
Simkin Dragoneel

This is a known bug that was tested before by me. The city designer is a tool to help players design cities and does not trump the rules. The rules will always have precedence over any other features.

The code for the city designer tool may be fixed later depending on when people can get to it, but until then, just know your rules and design accordingly.

Bug Base Link for city designer


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Year 15 Day 90 4:58
Ruben Wan

Ok thanks, I was misleaded by the Suggestion to make 5x5 facilities possible in caves.


Ruben Wan