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Archives » Hunting Tips for Melee Characters?
I have read alot of hunting tips, fitouts, etc. But most of them seems to be directed towards ranged combat. Can anyone provided tips or advice for the more melee minded crowd out there?

You wield gaffi stick, or mace. Those are good weapons XP wise. For your troops, Vibro Blades/Axes, dual wield. Find them good armour and prepare lots of bacta reffils. Avoid creatures that do lots of damage and concentrate on bandits. Also, until your troops advance to higher levels, this setup includes lots of prayers.

Looking at the races it looks like Gamorreans would make the best Melee NPCs. Any other suggestions?

Any with Race Multiplier of 2, or higher. Like Abyssins, Noghris, Niktos...

Hunting tips for melee characters? Buy a gun! Simply due to the way things work ranged combat is much more effective, especially against creatures that have lower ranges.


not quite sure what you are looking for, but buy and equip you and your npc's with the best armor you can buy. Corellian powersuit sets are nice cheap generally available set you can buy from Sienar Technologies. equip you and your npc's with dual vibroblades. invest heavily in meds and put skill points in dodge and strength for you and your npc's so you can avoid or take more damage. and put points in med treatment so you can be more effective using meds to keep you and your npc's alive. stay away from colossal creatures, they are designed for melee combat and will eat you up

Unfortunately what Ellias said is true in the current state of combat, if you are good with melee, you are just as good with shooting, since only 1 skills affects both. The specialized skills only make you crit more often.

I prefer melee too but there is just no point to do it for long. With shooting you can just easily stay out of range or far away enough so only few shot go back at you/your squad. Which makes it easy and effective.

Melee on other hand, you will get hit no matter what. Every creature can hit on range 0 and usually most bandits have some kind of melee weapon. Even maxed out Dodge doesn't seem to make that much of a difference, so you will be loosing lots of HP every around and possibly loosing parts of your squad.

So unless you are willing to heal your squad a lot each round while risking losing them and the equipment.... yeah buy a gun =/ Maybe in time melee will be worth it, but for now its pointless. At least against creatures and bandits.


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"The specialized skills only make you crit more often"

Not true, PW, NPW and HW skills add to chance of hitting too, thus increasing your XP gain. Also, those skills will increase both your crit chance and average damage you do per shot, at least as far as i could see.

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yeah weapon skills do add to hit chance basically every 2 points in weapon skill equal one point in dex in that regard. They also make you do more damage by doing more towards the max damage for that weapon, and increase crit rate. but yeah, you will take damage as a melee character, less handy now, but if you build right, hopefully you can deal more damage than you deal out especially come pvp

Since when? I didn't notice any update about it. But if its true, even better.


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for quite some time, couldn't tell you how long. here is the wording straight from the skills section of the rules:

Non Projectile Weapons
Fully implemented

Improves the damage output and critical hit chance of melee weapons such as swords, knives, and staves.
Improves the hit chance of Non Projectile Weapons at half the effectiveness of Dexterity.

It was implemented within a week or so after Dexterity was implemented.

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Hrm, I wonder why everyone was saying it just improves crit chances. Cheers.


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Given that there are like 6 people who can actually see the code and answer definitively, I'm not sure how much I'd ever trust anyone else's thoughts on anything.

Well, considering I was working on the equations with Zhao and updated the descriptions myself when he said he had implemented the skill accordingly, unless you're saying he lied about it, that's how it works. :p

(But in that situation you can't even trust the head coder, so who can you trust!)




You said anyone who can't see the code! That includes me!



Davin Markyle

Being force sensitive is a huge boon for melee, because of the way force heal works it makes it viable also if you are lucky enough to have a lightsaber they are an excellent melee weapon.

My advice echos others,

best armours you can afford,, dual wield vibroblades, lots of bacta refills, set yourself over two terrain squaees with a jailspeeder in each full to the brim of melee troopers, two kams to travel between the squares to targets, kam security droids set up to give you sensors, rotate troops, troops from races with a hp multiplier of 2, preferable trained to level 10 with points in strength and maxed out dodge, dont engage most creatures above medium.

The combat system is just heavily weighted to ranged combat but you can prevail as meleetroops can deal bigger damage but there aee ranged weapons which are overpowered and if were adjusted would make melee a viable option (CM Frag and ELG3a) spring to mind.