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Archives » Average Damage for Personal Weapons
Wolfgang Nospe

My apologies if this has already been asked but I had no luck finding the answer in the forums. And maybe the answer is so obvious I'm issing it but here goes anyways.

How is the average damage calculated that is listed here?:

Take the first one, A280, If the Base Damage is between 45-65, I can have at max 1 hit, how is the average 27.5? What's the formula?

If someone could help or point in the right direction I would appreciate it. If its something obvious just say so. please! :)

You could hit once, for an average of 55 damage, or zero times, for 0 damage. 55+0 divided by 2 is 27.5. Simple math.

Wolfgang Nospe

I knew I had to be missing something simple but for whatever the reason I just was seeing it differently. I don't feel bad though because I asked others and they were doing the same thing. :P

Thanks Mikel

I think the missing logical step is that it averages the possible damage between min/max when calculating the result possibilities. It took me a second as well.