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Archives » Before I die, quick question.
Year 15 Day 95 20:45
When I attack other NPC's with my squad, am I the only one in the group to show up in the attacking page(?) It shows me as leader, but all 12 of the other NPC's show up, but not mine.


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Year 15 Day 95 21:31
Kendall Holm

Are they armed? And are they customs NPCs


Year 15 Day 96 1:17
Are they in your party as opposed to a squad to made up? Only on Derra do squads attack (although I do not know if they show up on the attack page). NPCs in your party definitely show up in your attack page.


Year 15 Day 96 5:35
They are armed to the teeth, and squaded. But not on Derra.


Looking for donations for Give freelancers the Galaxy fund.
Year 15 Day 96 6:11
Remove them from a squad and add them to your party.

Year 15 Day 96 13:19
Matt Solomon

A combat event appears for squads (on Derra) when they have attacked/been attacked and the members of the squad appear in the same way as they would do if they were included in your party.

As everyone has concluded, if only you appear then no one else is included in your party and in that case you are going to take all the damage and as such you probably won't survive many battle rounds!

Edited By: Matt Solomon on Year 15 Day 96 13:22