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Year 15 Day 97 20:37
Ok, My Faction Name is Centrepoint HealthCare. Starting today, everytime I mouse over my Faction name, I get a big popup advertisement for health insurance quotes? I don't even want to mention the little ad that pops up over the buttons when you are trying to do something.

Now, I am not complaining as if it means income for the game then that's a good thing. Maybe I should just change the Faction name?

Year 15 Day 97 20:40
Obviously, you must now be careful what you type as health insurance quotes is a big no no!

Year 15 Day 97 21:23
Kendall Holm

We dont have pop adds. If you get them you prob have a virus


Year 15 Day 98 0:34
Or a shady toolbar. Then again, they're all essentially viruses as well.

Year 15 Day 98 8:59
Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson

Also if you're on OSX you might accidentally be using that silly sideswide search feature. I find myself using it all the time on accident.


That's got to smarts.
Year 15 Day 98 12:30
Thanks everyone. It turned out to be a downloaded program called "Start Saving". I checked the computer history and there is no record of it being downloaded on 2/26/2014 as stated. I tried to uninstall it but was told by the uninstaller screen that it had already been uninstalled and then it promptly vanished from the list of programs. I went to Program Files (x86) folder and there it was. I tried to delete it but it said that it had to be closed before deleting. So I deleted it file by file until I got down to one file, Framework Engine, which wouldn't delete. Then ran a full virus scan on the computer which turned up some bad stuff that had to be quarantined. I restarted the computer as recommended and deleted the final file and all seems to back to normal...................for now:/

Year 15 Day 98 17:35
i have had the same issues today also.....



Year 15 Day 98 18:23
Gorlyn Boggs

Seems they have found a new way to get people to sign up for Obamacare ;-)


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Year 15 Day 98 19:49
The file my virus scan found and removed was "pcreg.exe. They called it a (SecurityRisk.Downldr). According to them SecurityRisk.Downldr is a generic detection for security risks that attempt to download files from the Internet.

I just hope it doesn't return :/