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Year 15 Day 102 18:59

I have a problem

My friend started playing SWC too and at the weekend we are at the same place, in the weeks we are at different citys and i don't know if this counts as Multi accounting.

I made a ticket at the support center but did not get a reply and no mail with the ticket ID and i did check the spam folder and every other folder in my mail.

Greetings Nadja

Year 15 Day 102 20:52
Yes it is a multi you two are. Making a support ticket is the way to go, so good on you. Support tickets have been broken for months now such that emails are not sent. However so long as you made the support ticket the Asims will check that before any banning goes on.


Year 15 Day 103 7:50
if you put both of your names on the ticket, I dont know that they actually respond. A lot of the time its just for record keeping, and that you declared yourself up front.

Year 15 Day 104 3:48
Raidan Spike

In relation to this question, I regularly use the wifi (which is huge) at university to log onto the Combine. I don't fully understand the technological side of things here, but say another player connected using that wifi, would that get me banned?


Year 15 Day 104 5:07
Usually the asims can tell if you are on something public like that, the IPs are different. And if they aren't they will just watch the accounts, and if they arent interacting in a similar manner or acing like multis you should be fine. No need to sign up as a multi if you dont know if someone is on your network.

Year 15 Day 104 5:23
Raidan Spike

Sweet, thanks.


Year 15 Day 105 18:41
Ticket responded to and resolved, thanks to each of you for pointing her in the right direction.


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