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Archives » Handle approval questions
Year 15 Day 125 16:49
im not trying tot like rush anything or be disrespectful but i do have a few questions.

1. Why does it take so long to approve a handle?

a. Wouldn't it be better to approve someones character faster if they want to play? (more people would probably play)

2. couldn't an algorithm or other form of security be used to auto approve/decline handles?

thats basically it, and again im really not trying to be disrespectful or anything, i just kind of want to play.

Year 15 Day 125 17:15
Since in this game your handle is also your characters name and we try to keep as RP-centric as possible, we need admin approval for names to prevent the typical online names like xxxLoverxxx etc that are just stupid. Since admins are volunteers like everyone here, it might take a few hours for them to get online and approve the names.

As for an algorithm, because your character name is how we identify you when sending stuff etc, changing names because the algorithm let in a bad name is a massive hassle.


Year 15 Day 125 17:30
alright, i was just curious. Thank you for answering my questions.

Year 15 Day 126 5:11
Algorithms would usually have problems declining names if it was another version of Luke skywalker, say Luke Skiewokker or somesuch. And it couldnt pick up on a lot of the foreign language profanities and other puns that people have submitted. And the way this game works, I think the handle acceptance queue is really a mirror of how this game works in general with the time delays. you have to wait for everything, so if new players cant get past their first hurdle they likely wont last long anyway.

Year 15 Day 126 5:15
I'm guessing it also slows things down when people who try to join have 6 ip matches and aren't registered as a multi.

Year 15 Day 126 9:22
I'm guessing it also slows things down when people who try to join have 6 ip matches and aren't registered as a multi. 

^ THAT is what slows it down the most. Truthfully, if you feel like it is taking too long, simply hop on the #swc-help and ask either I or another asim to look at it