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Year 15 Day 126 12:29
How do you tell no far you are form a target.?I am thinking in terms of bandit hunting. Do you count the squares in between, the square you are on to the square the targets on not in clouding the square it is on, the square the target Is on to yours not including yours? I am trying to plan precise attacks out of the range of there short range weapons but in range of mine yet still not in range of the stronger long range weapons.


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Year 15 Day 126 13:31
bandits: 6,6
you: 6,16

= 10 squares away

6,6 = 0
6,7 = 1
6,8 = 2
6,9 = 3
6,10 = 4
6,11 = 5
6,12 = 6
6,13 = 7
6,14 = 8
6,15 = 9
6,16 = 10

You can test this and double check your distance by initiating combat and checking the "battle squares" or whatnot before actually firing. It appears on the initial firing screen that shows both squads.


Year 15 Day 126 14:00
To clarify what Tomas stated:a simple method to check range is to just click attack on the scanner screen. Before confirming your attack, check the upper right hand corner, your range to target is displayed there. You can then abort if you wish.

Another trick is to arm yourself with a A280. It's the only weapon with a range of 9, so unless a bandit is also armed with a a280, you'll be out of range. Hope that helps.


Year 15 Day 126 16:00
Raidan Spike

Technically, plenty of heavy weapons have a range of 9. I can't remember ever seeing a bandit carrying one though.

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Year 15 Day 126 16:36
Mingolo Mingolonio

This is actually much easier than both of the above answers make it seem. Count the number the squares to the enemy horizontally (as in, ignore vertical distance), then count the number of squares to the enemy vertically. Whatever number is higher is the distance.



Year 15 Day 126 17:54
Working horizontally or vertically is usually best to get accurate. For range you count the squares between you and the enemy plus either your square or the enemies square. Not both.


Year 15 Day 126 17:55
Thanks for the help seeing the number in the corner has proven to be the easiest method of measuring distinces. And I use a K-43 and my NPCs use Bowcaster. So I am out of the range of a lot of their weapons.


Odds are for people who want to minimize there own risk, SO NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS!!!
Year 15 Day 127 1:47
The challenge is that the distance you'll see while piloting your ship or ground transport, will not be the same distance that you'll see when determining range while on the ground -- unless it's horizontal or vertical.

And yes, bandits do carry heavy weapons, like E-Web Blasters and CVI Cannons. But because NPCs and bandits cannot currently use heavy weapons that require being deployed, they won't fire them, but rather, just keep them on their backs.

Fire-and-forget weapons, like Rocket Launchers, NZ-9118s and K-43 weapons, which don't require deployment, can still be used by both.