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Archives » Suddenly the leader of a faction?
Year 15 Day 136 15:39
I'm really new, like, just created my character today new. So I put up a post on the seeking employment board and... I've suddenly found myself the leader of a faction? Is this a glitch or something normal?

Year 15 Day 136 16:12
Not a normal occurrence, but it could happen.

If you didn't apply for the faction, then yes, sounds like a bug.

If you did apply to join it, there is a possibility the old leader wanted a way out. Did they leave the faction with everything?

Edited By: Lilith Delcroix on Year 15 Day 136 16:13

Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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Year 15 Day 136 16:16
Ahh I see.
No, I didn't apply to the faction, and the only thing they left was a data pad.
Oh, and two ships.

Edited By: Vinjera Jose on Year 15 Day 136 16:18
Year 15 Day 137 2:51
Well faction dissolved, did you take out the two ships? Still odd that you'd be a member without applying. Admins should look into it.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
--> Lvl 5 FI Operator - Free Service <--

Year 15 Day 137 4:57
I didn't think you needed to be a member to be made leader, just not in any other faction. SO the owner probably emptied it and since he couldn't dissolve it due to the bug just switched himself out to someone on the newly joined list.

Year 15 Day 137 8:51
Xakic Jix

sounds like a dick move to me.



Year 15 Day 137 9:00
Siarica Aylina

That's worse than a dick move, that's an abuse of the rules to circumvent the problem with faction dissolution.


Year 15 Day 137 12:59
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