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Archives » My new ship is very hard to get?
Year 15 Day 137 12:15
Is the galactic news service stories true based on players work or are they just fictional stories for people to enjoy?

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Year 15 Day 137 12:27
Loucina Al-Muzzum

Both. Most are highly fibricated due to no PvP, except A/E.


"Education and armor, Self-defense, our tribe, Our language, our leader- All help us survive."
Year 15 Day 137 12:39
'Embellished' I believe is the term I would use.

Largely speaking GNS's are based on in-game events, which are then embellished into (hopefully) fully-fleshed-out Roleplay descriptions & news stories.

The Jedi Academy one with the Pendant isn't based on a real darkness event though, it's just pure RP.

Year 15 Day 137 13:56
Could a PC go to that area and try to get involved.
The area of the planet where the event took place.

Year 15 Day 137 15:42
Majority of the time the events have already happened after the post has been up.

Year 15 Day 137 21:53
Oh thank you

Year 15 Day 144 11:13
I have just got a ship that is half the galaxy away from me and in space.
Can I have the ship teleport to the starport I am at.
The ship is not in a starport either but in space by a space station.

Year 15 Day 144 11:40
Stephanie Barefoot

I believe you should travel to the ship as opposed to the ship come to you. Don't you think?

You could hire a transport company to deliver the ship for you. Or you could click the CP's for a while and spawn a ship at the starport, or you could join a faction and attempt to use the NPC transport to their HQ. If they are very very good, they may even send a pilot to collect you.


Year 15 Day 144 12:01

You already made a topic about this. Do not post in an unrelated topic and repeat yourself; people have already answered and asking somewhere else will not get you a different answer.

Year 15 Day 144 14:31
Jason the other thread was hard to find

Year 15 Day 144 17:53