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Archives » NPC skill adjustments by Admins
Year 15 Day 138 18:48
Please feel free to delete this if it is the wrong place or something.

Just wondering if the recent adjustments to NPC skills deliberately intended to reduce all "legacy" NPCs with levels above 10 (from legitimate skilling activity prior to the institution of the cap) to be reduced to 10 now. The posted notice referred to "level 10+ NPCs" as though these were still being allowed if they had been established prior to the cap.

Does this mean that "legacy" features of other things, like ships, will also be reduced, so for example no hyper speeds above normal ship type allowed?


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Year 15 Day 138 19:58
Though I know you already figured this out, just in case anyone else has a similar question, the level 10+ NPCs will all continue to retain their higher levels. The cap was not decided on until after many NPCs had already exceeded level 10 so it would not be fair to reduce their levels down to 10. Same is true for modded entities.



Year 15 Day 139 10:46
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Year 15 Day 139 15:07
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