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Year 15 Day 159 19:12

Relatively new here, but I'll keep this simple. How often do new sectors and planets become available on the galactic map to colonize? Will I expect more places to open up to the public as the admin creates them, or do I have to risk traveling somewhere on the map that doesn't have coordinates and see if I'm lucky enough to find a new system? Or maybe the case is that there aren't any open planets and I have to negotiate to buy my own at a later date? Just curious as to how that works.


Michael Petranaki
Cerberus Corporation - Tresario Star Kingdom
Year 15 Day 159 19:44
Raidan Spike

New systems are constantly being added. However, they are not visible on the galactic map until someone physically visits them. So yes, you will need to search through many deep space coordinates before you find a new system if you are lucky. If you do get lucky, you will have seven days to secure it before the system becomes publicly visible on the galactic map, and others might attempt to colonize the planets.



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Year 15 Day 160 5:11

On this, if there is a sector with no systems inside it, can anyone confirm or deny whether a sectors existance means there is a system inside it? Will there be empty sectors in the universe with no systems to be found?

I just look at the galactic map and there is plenty of empty sectors with no systems in them yet, just seems a waste to build a sector if there is nothing inside it anyway?

Year 15 Day 160 5:13
I'm sure all the sectors will eventually have something in it if they do not already. new systems are being added all the time, so even if a sector has been fully searched it does not mean a system won't appear there later.

Year 15 Day 160 5:36

So hypothetically, I would have to continually check my chosen sector every 6/12 months incase a system might magically appear inside it?

Thankyou for your help :)

Year 15 Day 160 6:54
Yes. When we built the sectors we planned ahead so that adding a new system would not necessitate adding a new sector and tip everyone off that a system was added there.


Year 15 Day 160 15:43
What happens if you explore the sector and you don't find a system where you end up at? Is there a chance that when searching your sector for a new system you could fly into a star and die?


Michael Petranaki
Cerberus Corporation - Tresario Star Kingdom
Year 15 Day 160 17:14
No. Stars only exist within a system, so if you find no system there will be no stars (or anything else really). Of course you could just find a system that is purely suns, as what happened with the first system that was discovered.


Year 15 Day 160 18:52
Suns are not located at the exit/entry coordinates of systems, so unless you're aborting hyperspace, you do not run the risk of accidentally killing yourself. Nothing to worry about.



Year 15 Day 161 8:51
Thanks for the info guys, I think I'll go searching myself after I've saved enough credits to colonize somewhere :)


Michael Petranaki
Cerberus Corporation - Tresario Star Kingdom