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Archives » Switching to New Race Allowed for How Long?
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Is the amount of time that you can switch to a newly discovered race still set for thirty days?

That would mean that a player could switch to the new Amani race up until Day 185, since they were discovered on Day 156? I was about to tell someone that had just returned to the Combine they could still switch, but I don't see that option on my character sheet.

The option should be somewhere on your sheet just below your character ID, IIRC.

Xakic Jix

last i heard it was 2 weeks



The only semi-official post I can find is from here:


... Where Elia said on Year 14 Day 304:

"Of the hidden races, once another one is found, people will have 30 days to switch to that new race, and only that race. After which you have to die and respawn to become that race."

Jesfa posted immediately following that comment, and didn't counter Elias' explanation. Jevon also posted afterward, and also didn't correct his note.

So, has there been any "official" time limit change since then? Or should it still be 30 days?

Race change discussed here, no length of time mentioned.

Race change discussed here, no length of time mentioned.

EDIT #2:
Finally found the original GNS post by Jesfa, from Y14 D25:

"Additionally, any new race found, will have a 30 day countdown, allowing players to change to those as well, if they're found at a later date. IE: I'm a human, and become a Squib. 3 Months from now the Yodas are found, and made playable. A 30 day countdown timer will begin allowing you to change to that newly found race only."

I've found other GNSs that refer to jesfa's original post, but none that seem to have changed the amount of time. There was one explanation that said that the timer doesn't begin until the "official" discovery date, as announced in the GNS post congratulating them on being added to the galaxy's sentients.

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Xakic Jix

I think it was said in a Sims news. But I can not find it atm. I have changed race each time and I recall it being 1 week the first few races then moved to 2 weeks. (i could be wrong, but that is how I remember it)



Should still be 30 days - not seen anything else to the contrary from the devs.


Elias: Not having switched races in a long time, where is the place where you can choose the new race? It should be on your character page, correct?

It aint where it should be right now, on the Character page where Belly looked for it.

My guess is that it's 30 days from literal discovery of the system, not Reveal (which IMO it ought to be). 156 + 30 days - 7 day reveal timer = D179
IE: It's just over 3 weeks from reveal.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 15 Day 182 7:29
It would be on the character page, directly beneath your avatar.


Kay, normally I'd agree with you (as you know I always do), except Jevon mentioned this on the same thread where Jesfa made his latest comment on Y 14 D 304:

"Races are discovered when a scout finds the hidden system containing their homeworld. After the 1 week timer that reveals the system, the race is then available to be switched to."

It only makes sense that the timer starts after the GNS announces their discovery.

I would definitely agree, as about all of a few people would be able to take advantage of the 1 week headstart. And its not even an advantage in the end.

Right, I agree totally that it makes no sense to start the timer earlier, but I'm saying that that's where the problem could likely be in the code: the observed effect that there's no Option for it Now (within 30 days following the reveal) + the lack of any citable evidence that the 30 day timer is inaccurate, + the counting days which would be consistent with such an issue in the code suggest that's where the problem could be.

Timer starts from day system is Found, but Option isn't enabled until system is no longer hidden based on usual server rules that try to keep systems hidden until revealed.

Bug report is the way to get to the bottom of this, since it's clearly not available 30 days from the GNS announcement, and from all accounts 30 days is the intended length of availability for it.

My thanks to Elias, Jesfa and Kay for your comments.

I've opened a Bug Report (http://bugs.swcombine.com/view.php?id=3464) to address this issue.

If the problem is as Kay suggested, that the computer is counting from when the system and the race within are first discovered, then the easy fix would be to recode the timer to be 30 + 7 days, to account for the week where the system is still hidden. I've suggested that.

The other option would be to code in a new starting date, beginning seven days after discovery, basically blocking the race change for that one week (as I expect is currently the case).

We'd need a rules page for this. Any volunteers?

Sure, I'll be your huckleberry.

What needs to be done?

Ishould add, the current Rules page about Choosing a Character says that once a race is chosen, it can never be changed. I'm guessing that should be updated at the same time.

I know, that should go to the Rules Updates Forum.

Edited By: Belloq Tull on Year 15 Day 182 23:34

After being nudged, I've opened a thread in the Rules Change Forum, suggesting two changes on the Character Creation page, or three, depending on how you count it.

So far, no comment on the Bug Report.

Y'know, it sure would be nice if someone connected with the Combine responded to one of the three hreads about this, before the Day 186 deadline.

Sure would be nice.

Edited By: Belloq Tull on Year 15 Day 185 19:34
Simkin Dragoneel

There. I am on the Q&A Team and I have answered you.

I will be closing the bug report as well. Thank you for all the patience you have shown.



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Year 15 Day 186 10:01
Deleted Post
Xakic Jix
Deleted by Erek. Reason: Just because he acted like a three year old doesn't mean you should too.
Kendall Holm

Ellias, Jesfa and Kay are all wrong it is 14 days never has been anything different. Ask Zhao he was the one who did the timer and he even made a sim news about it.


Kendall, see the first post which includes a quote from the relevant Sim News which explicitly states that it is 30 days and there has been nothing else listed.


Simkin Dragoneel

Ellias, you should have clicked the link to the answer I gave him in the rules update thread... but I guess I will just copy it here:

You missed a Sims News update:

"Given that people have now found our first new race, we have added the ability to swap to that race. This feature will automatically be made available whenever a new race is discovered. The feature can be accessed directly here, or through a button placed on your character sheet. The button will be visible whenever there are new races available..

Please note, each new race will only appear on the list for 14 days. Once that time period is up you will no longer be able to change to that race, so please don't ask us to change your race manually if you miss this deadline.

Important: Changing race will also reset your skills and HP (There is no guarantee that your HP will not go down), so please use caution."

(Posted by Zhao Yun on Year 14 Day 125 19:52)

Here is the Link: Most recent Sims news update

You are posting the initial rule from Posted by Jesfa on Year 14 Day 25 22:07.

Therefore, the fact that the race no longer shows up to be changed to is not a bug.

So the only change I see to the rules would be: "It should be noted that once you choose your race you may not change it. The only exception is when a new race is found you have 14 days where you have the option to change to the new race found."

I am going to close your bug report, and since the latest Sims News clearly stated there is a 14 day window to change to the new race, I do not imagine any week opening to change to Amani.


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