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Year 15 Day 206 11:03
This has been nagging me for nearly a month and I have no real answer for it. To pick up a Cargo Container, would you need a Docking Bay (for ships) or a Hanger Bay (for vehicles).

Hope I can get this answered soon, driving me nuts. Thanks!

Year 15 Day 206 11:05
Blot Hlidskjalf

so since cargo containers are in the rules category "ships" i would guess ... a hangar bay for vehicles.

Year 15 Day 206 15:49
Cargo containers require docking bays to be moved.


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Year 15 Day 206 19:49
Thank you for the answer. I just found it rather curious since it does not act like a ship other than itself floating in space. Anyway, thanks again!

Year 15 Day 207 6:45
AFAIK You also need a ship with a tractor beam, just like with moving Satellites.

Year 15 Day 207 16:00
Robert Gunns

Actually Kay you can also squad with sats and move them into a ship with a docking bay.

I use just a normal fighter to do this on ships without a tractor beam. The same may work for epods?


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Year 15 Day 207 17:32
Since you can enter the cargo container, couldn't you just go into its cockpit and dock from there? SO long as your other ship is in the same square.


Year 15 Day 207 18:12
Xakic Jix

I do not think Containers have the Travel option.



Year 15 Day 208 0:17
As far as I remember they give you the "don't have landing gear" error if you try dock them from their cockpit, like some other things, so gotta tractor them. They might have fixed it though, been a while.


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Year 15 Day 208 2:35
Ichiru Hanabusa

Robert Gunns that sounds like a bug

Year 15 Day 208 17:23
You need a tractor beam to dock containers. I moved some recently and only could use a tractor beam. Epods can lightravel, thats why you can dock them, but containers can't travel, and thus not dock themselfs.