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Year 15 Day 216 15:06
Hello, i'm sorry to push this. But how long should i wait for my handle to be accepted?
It's not that i'm impatient, i'd just like to know in what timeframe


Aeron Darklight -
Year 15 Day 216 16:25
As you are applying as a multi (at least you actually have listed yours) it usually takes somewhat longer as an asim has to accept the name over the lower level join team members. its all for security, as you actually provided all the info it hopefully shouldnt be more than a day or so.

Year 15 Day 217 9:51
This is my first time on the game, so I'm not a multi. it's been two days :/ I'll keep checking back to see if I'm accepted.
Does anyone recommend any detailed starting guides?

Edited By: Aeron Darklight on Year 15 Day 217 9:57

Aeron Darklight -
Year 15 Day 217 10:56
The guide linked at the top of swc is our official guide. Beyond that, most factions will also provide their own training for everything relevant to what you might find yourself doing. Those are both good resources if you don't feel prepared yet to tackle the rules pages. I'll direct erek this way as well so hopefully he can take care of account approval.