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Archives » My friend has a big problem
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Year 7 Day 121 4:23
Steny Stone

Hi my mate (handle:fuzzy Kay) wants to die becaue his character is all wrong is there any way this can happen he is newbie so here didn't know what he was doing when he made the Character. please pm me in game Steny stone

Year 7 Day 121 9:51
Why is he unable to ask this, himself?

He can die either by flying a (preferably cheap) ship into a sun, or having his faction execute him. There will be a three-week wait before he is able to log into his account and use the 'Create New Character' option - to discourage players from killing off their characters every time they change their mind on their skills.



Year 7 Day 121 15:56
For some reason, every time I see "my friend", I actually read it as "my illegal multi"... but maybe that's just me.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 7 Day 122 23:53
Rika Lawson

Hal, you're not alone with that thought... trust me...

Year 7 Day 123 1:54
Such cases are always promptly investigated. ^_^



Year 7 Day 124 5:08
Steny Stone

Im not a multi becaue my friends name is ashley bradshaw and his character name is fuzzy kay. he hasn't asked himself because i did not know why to go and ask about this plus if you check are ip address you actually see that they a both the same bacuse we use the college internet because we don't have internet at home, we use PRESTON COLLEGE INTERNET. Please don't ban me or him in fact im not a multi. no offence but if i was a multi would really ask you this question at the risk of being banned.

Year 7 Day 124 5:38
Ummm Yes yes they would... and you need to register as multi accounts if you share the same internet connection.



\"It is in the time when darkness falls evil reigns and all hope has faded from site, that true leaders emerge bearing the gift of hope in its purest form.\"
Year 7 Day 124 7:06
Rika Lawson

Hmm, same IP would indicate an illegal multi anyway... what Rhys said... And, frankly, the "please don't ban me" is... Well, let me put it this way: the multi account rules are clearly visible and easy to find, if you chose not to follow them, then you're to blame yourself.

Year 7 Day 125 3:15

Really, "please don't ban me" is just screaming out to the world to investigate your story.

i think i'll sit back and wait for the next bunch of bans to appear on the sim news.

I wish your mate luck on his road to the underworld.


Year 7 Day 125 9:12
Steny Stone

Ive already applied for the multi account thing but i have had no reply yet but i will send it again, Please do investigate my account so that you know that im not a multi account user

Year 7 Day 125 10:06
Kyle Rainer

Well there is good news and bad news. The good news is that thanks to Syn sending it to my kyle@swc address instead of my multi-accounts@swc one I didn't notice it till today. The bad news is that you first emailed me yesterday.

This will require more investigation though as it appears there are 2 other people with the same address that haven't been mentioned yet.

Year 7 Day 125 12:17
Rika Lawson

So... basically he tried to register it AFTER he told everyone that there are several people using the same connection?


Year 7 Day 125 17:24
Your commentary is unnecessary.



Year 7 Day 126 0:59
Rika Lawson

You can always delete it if you don't like it *shrug*

Year 7 Day 126 2:33
Steny Stone

I also emailed the Multiaccount email when i first started combine and got no reply that is what i meant by not getting a reply. look for god sake, i really enjoy this game, i want to make a faction when i have enough creds to do it, i would never do anything to risk being banned. if anything it the multi account guys fault for not registering me as a multi when i first sent the request.

Plus here is some proof that im not a multi:

My email i used to sign up with:MSTENTIFORD1@PRESTON.AC.UK

And my friends email address:ABRADSHAW4@PRESTON.AC.UK

Now i know that they look the same bacause they are the only Paid emails we have which is a college plus it is the only internet access we have.

More proof that fuzzy kay is not me:

Name:fuzzy Kay

Real name: Ashley bradshaw


what course he is on:ICT COMPUTER PROGRAMING.

Come there is no way i would make this up.

Edited By: Steny Stone on Year 7 Day 126 2:55
Year 7 Day 126 3:12
Steny Stone

If there are other people on the game other the me and fuzzy then i don't know them

Edited By: Steny Stone on Year 7 Day 126 3:15
Year 7 Day 126 3:27
Come there is no way i would make this up. 

But you could. And there are people who would and do. Whether you are one of them is the matter under discussion.

if anything it the multi account guys fault for not registering me as a multi when i first sent the request. 

Some people would say that the pressure is on you to make sure you are registered, and not in violation of the rules. E-mails get lost, and if you don't receive a reply to the e-mail that is the only thing between you and getting banned, then you send another. And another. And so on until you get a reply.

That said, generally these guys are pretty reasonable.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 7 Day 126 3:31
Steny Stone

i know you don't know me...but im not that kind of guy to make up names and ages just to stop me being banned, any way fuzzy kay is going to posting soon and i will be staying on so you know that it is not me and don't say that i got some to go on as him because i didn't just believe me ok please believe me

About the Email:then i admit that would be my fault and a have learned as you know that i have sent a secound email about the multi account

Edited By: Steny Stone on Year 7 Day 126 3:39
Year 7 Day 126 3:40
Fuzzy Kay

Right, Steny asked me to post this in.

I do have several problems:

1) I need to start again (because you can't reset your character, the only option is to die)
2) I have reported this to admin and they didn't do anything about it
3) Steny is being blamed for having a multi account again. This will be about the 3rd time this has been complained about. WE BOTH PLAY ON A COLLEGE NETWORK! IT CAN'T BE HELPED!

So my solutions are:

1) Someone needs to kill me soon. I'll send co-ordinate details to whoever can.

2) Admin need to create a reset account option in the options area. That way if a user does make a mistake during character creation, they can undo it.

3) As well as registering a multi account, an IP could be registered for public servers, so if a school, college or library has a network, they won't be faffing around with multi's. eg. in character creation, under personal details, the user could state where they are signing up from (eg. home, work etc.)

Right if we've got that cleared up, i'd like to acutally live a life on combine instead of having two flops in a row...

Year 7 Day 126 3:45
Steny Stone

See he is right there and check the times that i was on and he was on there is no way i can be two players at once can i. they must have sorted out the multi account problem by now and if i were to player wouldn't i have used fuzzy kay early on in the thread to try and clear this up, it has taken me this long to get him to post on here

Edited By: Steny Stone on Year 7 Day 126 3:53
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