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Archives » Alrighty then....Help with getting account?

Ok, I signed up 2(?) days ago, and after waiting for the mail message, I came here, and saw the advice, to do the "lost password" thing.

I've just done that, and I recieved no message, positive, or negative.

My Account was:

Kell Kre`fey

Although, I'd rather not use that address as it's my dads.
Mine would be at

Any help would be great.

No response? Your account exists; when I used Lost Password, it gave me "Successful...Please check your email."

So.. check your mail. (:

If you still have not received the password, make sure the mail isn't getting caught in any spam folders or filters. It should be originating from




Well, I didn't recieve the mail, so after looking through the Junk stuff, (Which it wasn't in) I checked through the message filters, and as far as I can tell there's nothing on. I tried to make a filter to grab the message, and move it to the inbox, but that didn't seem to do anything either. Not very sure how to proceed now....

On the plus side I realized I didn't get the "Succesful...Check your inbox" message because I didn't scroll down... :P

If you have a different non-free e-mail I can change it for you and we can try that.




I'm afraid not...

Kell Kre`fey

Well, nevermind. I seem to have gotten it.

See, my Dad uses Netscape as his "Mail Carrier", so I realized that his actual account might have a different set of spam controls. I logged on, and before I even got that far, I found the messages in a different spam folder, that didn't even exist on the Netscape thing.

Thank for the Help.

Now, on to my character....

Kell Kre`fey

Cool, I've a character, & everything.

One quick little thing, is there somewhere on this site that has a bunch of race pictures? or is there someway to resize my picture? you may have noticed it's a bit...

Nope, we don't supply images, and I'd advise against using the default race pic.

If you have an image editing program you can resize it yourself and upload it, otherwise it shouldn't be too hard to find someone else who can do it for you. Once you've joined a faction you can ask around there - many factions like to modify their members' images to fit into sig templates, anyhow.



Kell Kre`fey

Cool, thanks.