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Year 15 Day 311 13:19
So I am going to get to hunting bandits now. And I read what I could find on the subject and I noted that it is a good practice to put scouts on the battlefield(square).

My first thought was to hire some scout NPCs, or just put some others with Perception 2 or 3. But they will do me little good if I don't obtain a lot of sensor packs.

If I put droids with perception, spawn some CP security droids for example with Perception skill, will they share sensors?

Is there a way I can use my ship's sensors?

If I put a few satellites on the map, will I get their sensors without being in a ship?


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Year 15 Day 311 13:37
Just realized that the satellites idea was not good. They would need flight grade repulsorlifts or landing capacity to be in a city.


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Year 15 Day 311 13:45
Werda Mird

Afaik you just need a Sensor Pack yourself (doesn't matter which) to be able to share sensors with any droids, vehicles and ships. In case of NPC's they need a Sensor Pack, too.

I think easiest/cheapest way is to use some Droids.

Also I'm sure that Droids and NPCs don't influence the spawning of creatures/bandits. But Ships/Vehicles do I think. Means if let a ship at the position no new bandits will spawn if come back to that square.


Year 15 Day 311 13:53
Scout with high perception and a macrobinocular in your party seems to be the easiest and cheapest way to cover a great deal of the Grid.

You can always use beacons, but then you will need to deploy them everytime before you start to hunt. Unless you can make the ground a perma hunting ground. Then thats the best solution.
Deploy beacons over 3 to 4 grids in a square and you are set.
All you need then is carry a Multiple Sensor Package.


Year 15 Day 311 21:51
You mean "Sensor Beacon"? Is there a special way to deploy them or do I just scatter them on the ground?

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Year 15 Day 312 2:36
Well I figured it out, so let this be my advice to the hunters.
Best is to spawn some Hologlide J57 Cam Droid. And place them on the battlefield.

Year 15 Day 312 8:03
Xakic Jix

An empty ship or vehicle does not effect the respawning. Only if there is a player inside the ship or vehicle. Also the NPC droids are the cheapest and easiest way to set sensors on a terrain (IMO).



Year 15 Day 312 8:18
If you equip yourself and a squad that is holding at least 1 multiple sensor pack, energy sensor pack, or biological sensor pack, you will see what that squad sees. If you give them macro bunoculars they will see a lot more and will share it with you. You can wear macros too. You can do that for all of the squads you can command with your Infantry Command skill. Then they can patrol and move around in whatever pattern you choose.
The cheapest method is probably spawning the NPC shop K-4 security droids for 14k each (now you can have 16 in a squad or whatever the sync said. Drop them around the terrain and you'll have vision.
You USED to be able to drop sysats on the ground, it is no longer effective.

Year 15 Day 312 14:09
Pertinent Question Still on the 1st Page of Gen questions:

Scouts vs Macro Binos

The k4s would require more than 25 of them now for absolute FULL sensor coverage with redundancy for wherever your ship/vehicle/self is. They seem to have changed stats, or we miscalculated previously. K4s have 0 perception now, so they cover a Cross that's 1 square in each NEWS direction and not on the corners. I get 6 rows of 11 and 6 rows of 12 for a total of 138... at 14K a pop that's 1,932,000 credits per slab.

You'd need only 25 of your Holocams though, cause they're Perception 2. That's.... 35,450 CP in cost. For that you could buy a CP ship that's worth maybe 7 times more credits than the K4 cost - not to mention that even the average Sitter salary is at least TWICE the K4 cost. Throwaway Credits before you throwaway CPs, IMO.

I personally use 2 Scouts with macro binocs and sensor packs. At base spawn, they're more expensive and require a little marching to get them up to full coverage, but 2 is close enough for my purposes.

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Year 15 Day 312 21:10
I use 16 sensor beacons, that will cover a whole grid. Deployed them over a whole planet and doing the same with a second planet now.
There is a article on the guide with details:


Year 15 Day 313 1:44
It takes 9 holocam droids to fully cover a square, but I think I overdid a bit. And now that I find out that k-4s can see too, I will make a mix of the two.
I thought all droids without perception are just blind...will test.


jaret_hover_mix2a.pngGovernor of Torina System.
Founding father of the Red Star Alliance.
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