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Archives » Best way to equip for combat
Year 15 Day 337 2:12
Starting from the Ground Combat Rules.

I have (so do my riflemen) equipped one ranged weapon (range 7 - 10) to my primary slot, and weapon (11 - 15) to my secondary slot.

In any case, I can only use one of them in a specific situation.

Does one equipped weapon pose any disadvantage to the other?
Is there any penalty for having your hands full.
Is using a weapon better when it is in the Primary slot?
Is there a better way to equip them?


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Year 15 Day 337 3:34
1. Beyond range and damage, not really.
2. Nope - they are primary and secondary slots, not left and right hand (not anymore anyway).
3. Nope, no difference.
4. Nope, works the same whichever way around you put them.


Year 15 Day 340 17:20
Raidan Spike

Do note though that if the ranges of your weapons overlap (obviously not in this case) your primary weapon will always be used before your secondary weapon.


Year 15 Day 340 17:46
Indeed, just noticed this as well, have cheap Knife equipped in my primary slot and a Lightsaber in my secondary slot and it uses the Knife when I attack :P

Edited By: Kratos Musashi on Year 15 Day 341 14:17
Year 15 Day 341 7:39
It doesn't, it picks the weapon that deals the highest damage.

Year 15 Day 341 13:43
then why did it choose my knife over the lightsaber?

Year 15 Day 341 14:14
Raidan Spike

He's wrong, it doesn't pick on highest weapon damage. I just tried it. Nightstinger in primary, A280 in secondary, range of 10. I use the Nightstinger every time. Swap them, and at the same range, I use the A280 every time.

One Fambaa died to bring us this information.