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Archives » Why Have I Not Gotten the "Use an Item" Achievement Yet?
I've obviously fired weapons....a.k.a using items:


Yet I still don't have the achievement:


*: Screenshots posted in chronological order.


Is it only working for medical items or something? Logically, guns are items, so therefore shouldn't I be getting the achievement?

For the sake of adding even more proof, I'll add my Fire Delay screenshot:


As I understand it, you would need to use an item that actually has a use option, so a medical item should count for that achievement (as well as for the medical item one).



Thali`a N`ightshade

Yeah I'm sure Syn is correct. Bacta Patch, Healing Stick or Force Detector should work to get you the achievement Lara.

Not 100% sure but 99% sure that Medical item will not trigger Use an Item
Use an Item in your adventures. I have use as Bacta Patch, Healing stick, Bacta refill a few times and nothing of that "field" trigger that achievement.


No. Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.
Ruben Wan

I've earned that Achievement, but I have not taken notice when it happened.

Probably it was on the first time I used an incubator to hatch an egg.


Ruben Wan

Thali`a N`ightshade

I can't remember how I got that achievement as it as so long ago but I have only ever used Bacta patches and healing sticks on myself. I did heal someone else with a bacta patch though, but I'm sure that doesn't make a difference who you use it on.


photo ThalJDnew_zps74605fe0.png
I remember earning it when I crafted a keycard for the first time.


Maggie Duce

Yep crafting a keycard gets you the Achievement.Firing a gun does not.

Firing a weapon and using a medical items do not give you the achievement. Using a Crafting Kit or Electronic Lock Breaker, for example, can give you the achievement.