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Year 15 Day 343 8:27
I understand that combat xp is based on the number of successful hits, but suppose I am equipped with an X-45 sniper rifle and am leading a squad of NPCs equipped with A-280s. If I fire at a group of bandits out of the range of my party members but in my range, do their "missed shots" penalize my xp or are they considered to not have shot since they are not in range. I assume since the combat log shows them as missing they are calculated as such for xp, but just wanted clarification.

Year 15 Day 343 8:47
Missed shots of your NPCs do not affect the XP you gain.

XP for Combat for any given PC/NPC is based only on the HIT vs. MISS % of their shots.

If your weapon is 1 Shot, then if you hit you gain full 40 XP. If you miss you gain 0 XP.

If your weapon is 2 Shots, if you hit both you gain full 40 XP, one you get Half (20xp), none - you get none.

And so on.

Second question: "are they considered to not have shot since they are not in range"
- No, they still shot and are still subject to the fire-delay. They get 0 XP because their shots ALL missed.

Year 15 Day 343 8:55
Awesome. I knew xp was a percentage based on number of hits. I just did not know if it was individuals hits or the team's/party's hits. Thanks for the clarification.