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Year 15 Day 344 1:57
This is probably a very old subject, and this is probably why I fail to find a thread that discusses it. What facilities are the best way to reduce the crime on your planet.

My first idea was to build palaces. But then you have to balance the Employment Rate by building Skyscrapers, which in term add to the civilization level and so adding to the Crime rate.

My second guess is balancing with Council Flats, but again you are rising the civilization level a lot by constructing so many of them.

I'll probably need to calculate it all by using some excel sheets and making some civ ratings of my own for each of the crime-positive facilities, adding to their area, the area needed to balance them...

But I was wondering what are the best practices out there.

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Year 15 Day 344 4:12
These facilities reduce planetary crime proportionally to their size:
  • Barracks
  • Prison
  • Statue
  • Fountain
  • Casino
  • Crew Quarters
  • Council Flats
  • Conference Centre
  • Command Centre
  • Government House
  • Palace
  • Holonet Communication Centre

I'm a fan of mixing fountains, barracks, crew quarters and palaces.

Edit: Reference @ http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Planetary_Economy#Base_Crime_Rate_(BCR)

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Year 15 Day 344 4:54
This list is well known, but I am looking for the most efficient one.

Let's take a Palace for example. It takes up area of 49 squares. But in order to build it, you must provide minimum 14 more squares. In addition, to balance the ER you must build flats, and also you need to power it. After some calculations, the minimal area to build a palace, power and balance it is 108,69 squares. And only 49 of those are working towards fixing the crime rates. We can create our own efficiency coefficient 49/108,69 = 0.45

A fountain needs 3 squares to be built, but only 1 square works in your interest. So 1/3 is even worse = 0,33

The best one I calculate so far is the Council Flats. Not only it has the best ratio, but also it generates income. Before building hundreds of these though, I need to look for other downsides. For example, as crime fighting facility it is good, but if you meet your flat needs with it, you will rise the Civ level too much and it creates crime of it's own.

Any other opinions?


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Year 15 Day 344 19:45
Depends on the city layout you use and which facilities fit into it. YMMV

Income is good, but if you fill your planet with council flats you'll run into the MNSF so you'll probably want to mix it up a bit either way.

Edit: just kidding, I lied, council flats have no MNSF according to Mikel

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Year 15 Day 345 14:48
Keep in mind too IF you even need to reduce crime.......

Mining/Production yes

Income no.

Year 15 Day 345 17:43
Oh! That is a very good point!
Isn't crime related to FI ? I was so certain it is that I didn't even look.

Year 15 Day 345 18:57
You must be thinking of morale, Jay, because crime has a huge affect on facility income.


Year 15 Day 346 11:47

1.2/ Planetary Income Modifier
This is a general measure of the planetary economy and is calculated as follows:
PIM = (1.65) * tan^-1(((-(ER^2) + 3 * ER)/2) - TL - BCR - 0.25)
ER - employment rate
TL - tax-level - between 0 and 1
BCR - crime - between 0 and 1
note: tan^-1 is arctan

PIM is used in most income calculations, so as Tomas pointed out Crime does have an effect.

Year 15 Day 346 21:43
Aye Jevon it does has an effect. But not much of one, hardly worth spending credits on non FI facils to counteract anymore.