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Archives » Heavy weapons useless for hunting now. Can we have a skills reset?
Lorenzas Atticus

In light of the rules change for Heavy Weapons causing them to have a -75% to hit basically anything except for a building could we please have a skills reset? Personally I invested a decent amount of credits on a Stouker Concussion Rifle (back when they were expensive) and dumped a lot of skill points into Heavy Weapons. Now when I go hunting I cannot hit anything.

It was never implied in the rules that Heavy Weapons skill would only be good for player vs. facility combat. Also, a Stouker was considered a Jedi hunter weapon in canon not something used to knock down buildings. So I also suggest moving the Stouker into the Projectile Weapons category. Can we make this happen?

It's been pretty obvious for anyone paying attention the last couple years that heavy weapons were going to be implemented exactly how they have been now.

Kendall Holm

Skill reset is only avail if you are lvl 1 or 2. Otherwise no not for that reason. If it was going to be handed out you would get a warning in the news about it.


Lorenzas Atticus

Really Jay? I've been paying attention for several years and never got that impression. To me it seemed like Heavy Weapons would be used against vehicles and infantry. Thanks for contributing absolutely nothing to the conversation.

There was another thread about this recently and the asims/higher staff said no to said reset.

Uh isn't it only a 25% drop in hit rate, not 75%?

Also it has always been mentioned that heavy weapons will be primarily used against vehicles etc. This would imply that they would not be as effective against people as projectile weapons.


Cedron Tryonel

"Heavy Weapons now have a base 75% miss chance in non-facility ground combat (hunting, bandits, etc) as they are intended for use against hull entities such as facilities and vehicles"

Barring a low-level first character's request, no skill resets will be given.


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