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Archives » Riot/Handled Shield Descriptions
Year 15 Day 360 23:22
I don't actually know who I would specifically contact regarding this, so here's a forum post instead.

The Descriptions Team is currently writing new item descriptions for the riot and handled shields. In these proposed descriptions we have included the fact that they each contain transparisteel viewports that allow the wielder to see through the item. However, neither item is actually produced with lommite (used for transparisteel), meaning the description would accurately reflect the raw materials requirements for producing the entity in Combine. Physical (non-energy) shields in the Star Wars galaxy seem to be typically made of transparisteel.

Should we ignore the lack of required raw material, change the items to require lommite, or take out the wording that states it has a viewport? Either way, the images for both items have a transparisteel viewport which should require lommite.

Riot shield:
Handled shield:

Reference #1:
Reference #2:


Year 15 Day 361 0:19
As long as the description doesn't contradict an actual in-game function (or its image), it doesn't make a difference. The RM requirements are extremely simplified and therefore aren't perfectly accurate representations of what realistically constitutes each item.

The handled shield as it's depicted in SWC's art doesn't actually seem to have a viewport, though, so it might be best to omit that aspect of the description altogether for that item. Since both shields can also be customized with or without viewports, you could also use the phrasing "some models have.." to avoid making a definitive statement that someone might one day nitpick.



Year 15 Day 361 1:20
The entire center piece of the handled shield is transparent - the handles are on the far side.


We'll probably use your suggestion that certain models include the viewport for overall simplicity.


Year 15 Day 361 10:39
Shields are very much a one-size description does not fit all. While the image I made is based on a canon shield, it is by no way the only model, so I would definitely mention that there are variations.