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Year 15 Day 364 6:48
Charlena Halo

I saw that most of the old variables for the NPC scripting are intact, but how do I format them for the new scripting system?

For example, I use this line to get my location
(say (concat "We are " (Get-location.system))) 

In the old system, "location.system" would get it, but I don't know how to apply it now.

Also, is there a list of the old variables still kicking around somewhere?

Thank you!


Year 15 Day 364 7:22
Year 15 Day 364 7:30
Charlena Halo

Thank you!


Year 15 Day 364 16:56

Actually Ruben did it, I believe :-)

This weekend's sync will include some additional information to help people figure things out though, in particular it'll have the ability to dump a table of all symbols, which you can then look through to find a function you need (e.g. system-name, in this case).

That said I'm not 100% convinced that the location functions work correctly yet, but I've just copied the logic from how they were implemented before as wildcards, so they should at least work/not work in the same way.


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