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Year 16 Day 5 14:21
Atir Markar

I've been away the last few years. I am basically a newb. I see that I'm faction-less, there's skills that I have to reset or something etc. I'm glad i'm alive though. Anyways, I've been wondering where can i check the history of the galaxy of the last few years. I mean I want to know the alliances (I remember Mandalore joining the Galactic Alliance) as in who's allied with who, what wars have been fought (or pseudo wars since when I left combat wasn't implemented, I can almost bet it still isn't).

thank you all in advance for the help.

Year 16 Day 5 14:27
Your best bet would probably be to sift through archived Sim news, GNS posts, and the Holocron timeline.


Year 16 Day 5 14:28

Would be a good place to start.



Survival Demands Efficiency
Year 16 Day 5 14:45
Full combat isn't complete (and you can see on sel's last sync report on sim news where that will fall in the development plans), just ground combat in beta on Derra between players and you can kill NPC bandits and creatures galaxywide for loot and xp.



Year 16 Day 5 15:19
There are 3 major blocks:

The Imperial Union, Galactic Alliance, and the Galactic Concordiate.

The GC was created in Y 14 to represent the neutral powers, including many former-IU members. More can be found in the holocron

Year 16 Day 5 21:47
There is also the Kastolar Union, an alliance of corporations, holocron article is still a work in progress.
Alliances are:
Sienar Conglomerate.
The Black Hand.
The Sector Rangers.


Year 16 Day 29 0:43
Mandalore didn't join the GA! It was part of the IU then later part of the creation of GC.


Year 16 Day 49 10:51
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

Come to the light side Tyr, you know you wanna.

Year 16 Day 55 8:54
I only see grey!