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Archives » Combat Beta? How close is a full release?
Eshaar Gnor

As the topic suggests I am wondering how close we are with general personal ground combat to a full release? Is there any major tweaking that is needed or is the current system as it stands considered to be good enough for a galaxy wide release? Is the Admin planning on adding commanded squads into the combat mix prior to a full release? Or is that planned for 'combat 2'? Albeit that vehicle/facility/ship combat is all separate issues, is it planned to have everything functional & tested only on Derra before any of it is generally released or is it planned to release combat in stages?

I am curious because it would seem that personal combat has remained rather unchanged (apart from Hvy weapons & the removal of explosives) since it was initially released. That would lead one to believe that it is an acceptable system & will be as is when released. If my assumption is correct is there any impediment to its general release, with facility, then perhaps vehicle & eventually ship combat all being likewise tested on Derra before also being released in stages?

I can't answer the stage question (I was under the impression staged releases are intended, but that was Zhao's stance and Sel is heading the projects now), but there is still a bit of tweaking left to do before ground/personal combat can be released, in any case.. One of the more significant balance issues deals with dual-wielding, since currently primary/secondary slots interfere with that by removing your ability to use a secondary weapon choice if you choose to dual-wield, and if they are intended to represent hands, we would need to return to one-handed and two-handed weapons. That discrepancy does have the capacity to seriously cause balance issues so it is on the list for adjustment. Some aspects of the actual combat equations are currently being reviewed as well so that they can incorporate some other updates that will be coming (the functionality on our end as players shouldn't change much, but it will allow for the addition of modifiers to the equation; stay tuned and whatnot). Deploy needs some work as well to work properly with NPCs, and sniper rifles will see some changes too.

TLDR: It isn't quite complete yet.



Eshaar Gnor

Thank you Syn, that does tell me what is happening nicely.

If I may can I suggest something or rather pose a question that might become a suggestion if it is viable. You mentioned the imbalance with duel weapons & the lack of ability to then have a 2 handed weapon as such. If I might ask, would it be possible to introduce more slots? What I mean by that is have the existing 'hand' slots become holster/scabbard slots both of which can hold a one handed weapon & then add a shoulder slot for a 2 handed weapon to be carried. The coding would of course need to look at both areas to select a weapon suitable to the range.

In that way you could have either 2 melee weapons or two pistols in the holster/scabbard slots to duel plus a rifle or pole weapon over the shoulder, that or a one handed melee for range 0, a pistol for range 1-3 & a rifle for ranges greater. I understand that the logic for selecting the appropriate weapon when ranges clash might be an issue, but if this is workable would it be a possible solution?

If it is thought that this might work I will place it in the suggestion section if the Admin feels it is worth further discussion.

That is already one of the options being considered. It's not receiving current attention due to other ongoing projects but the possibilities are already known.



Eshaar Gnor

Good to hear & thank you again for the information Syn. I understand the large list of things before the Admin & realise that things must wait their turn respectively.

At least we have consistently active development again! :-) Seeing new updates regularly is great, even if there's still a long road ahead.