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Year 16 Day 15 22:19
Bambl Cata

I have noticed that some people have a different race to the one they are role playing as. Usually it seems to be that they've switched to a race with strong base skills, but continue to pretend they are their old race for whatever personal reason. It seems a bit odd that someone can switch race but then act as though nothing actually changed, while gaining a free stat upgrade.

So is it acceptable to choose a race based on skill points, but then role play as another race because you find it more aesthetically pleasing?

If this is allowed, don't you think it degrades the game? Where the actual race you choose for your character effectively becomes a stat template, rather than govern your biological make-up. Surely players must be pushed to choose between a race with exceptional skills and a race they want to role play as, rather than having the best of both worlds?

Year 16 Day 15 23:02
The majority of people that RP actually play as their race. The min/maxers are a minor group from my experience, and should not be considered a standard opinion.

Year 16 Day 15 23:06
It's generally considered poor RP, but many players aren't all that interested in RP. Not to mention that using human avatars offers an infinite range of customization, while only using images for an alien race can be quite limiting.

Some of us regret ever having changed races, too.


So many excuses.

Bambl Cata

Well it's the whole point, if you change race to give your character an advantage you should be committing to the drawbacks as well, not just sweeping them under the carpet.

I think the problem is, this concept provides so much in the way of benefits without any consequence that more and more people will follow suit, especially as we get closer to full PVP where stats mean everything. I just really hope it doesn't become widespread, otherwise the whole idea of a player making difficult choices regarding their character's development goes out of the window.

Lexor Gregain

Where is your imagination? Cuinn is clearly just a very well-shaven Whiphid.


I changed race multiple times for my own reasons, and frankly don't care at all what people think about it. I been here for several years and RP a lot, I actually enjoy pushing the limits of my RP and don't constrain myself to a single field in the SWC database. Not an excuse, simply how I see it, if people don't like it... well, they are entitled to their opinion as much as I am to my own.

Does it degrade the game? Not at all. Diversity in RP is a good thing. Should we care about players that do it? No, its their character, worry about your own and don't try to tell others how to RP.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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Bambl Cata

Fine, I guess everyone better start doing it then if they wanna keep a level playing field with players like you, what's the point in actually designating yourself a race in this game if it means nothing.

Lexor Gregain

Totally understandable, Lilith. You being Amani and RP-ing it as a sexy human while claiming that it's pushing the limits of your RP is exactly the kind of backwards thinking that would necessitate a very strong "Talk to the Hand" attitude. I applaud you for it.

But in all seriousness, Bambl, in a game that doesn't allow skill-resets except through this one odd race-changing mechanism, I'm afraid this kind of incredulity just has to be expected and tolerated.

Edited By: Lexor Gregain on Year 16 Day 16 11:59
Year 16 Day 16 10:33
If i see a Hutt using a human avi. I just see it as a Hutt looking human, make the most of it.
Now, imagine a Whippid that has changed race every time a new race is discovered :o
Then you get this:


Year 16 Day 16 11:55
Lexor Gregain

Plus, there is also the Derra virus excuse, and how it affected the character. I'm sure some will find it plausible that it only affected, say, internal organs and gave race-specific abilities, and not affected the outer skin and appearance.

Year 16 Day 16 12:39
My initial RP was that the Metamorphosis Plague mutated my DNA and left the physical shell intact.


Year 16 Day 16 13:16

I think it's pretty poor form to RP as things that don't make sense or as a way of trying to get around normal limits we have in place (being the wrong species, long lost cousin who seems to be really similar to a dead character, "force ghosts", etc.). There's not much point in trying to police it, but I wouldn't be surprised to see people who have a history of doing these things be turned down for white scenarios by GMs. At some point it could be considered godmoding as well, but the standard for all of that is determined by the RPG staff.

The game engine itself doesn't recognize these things, though, so RPing as a super soldier Trandoshan when you're actually Caamasi will not hold up against the combat system. I imagine the experience is a lot like when a tumblerite moves out and has to pay their own bills suddenly.


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Year 16 Day 16 13:31
The only places it can actually be moderated to any degree are White Scenarios and the Scenario Hall, where you are required to play your actual character as it is recognized by SWC, or you will either be prevented from participating in the scenario or simply won't receive the XP for it if it is overlooked for some reason. Beyond that, its shitty RP as Sel points out, but can't really be prevented.



Year 16 Day 16 22:46
Denton Dabbs

Which IC benefits do you get from switching races? Skills is not really valid, since people generally don't carry around a sheet saying what they're good at or not listed from 0 to 5, and since generally entire species aren't all skilled at the same thing. I guess there's like, growing wings, and being able to breathe underwater, but besides that it doesn't really have much effect.

Thali`a N`ightshade

I've seen Derra virus being used a number of times and more than once by the same character. That has to hurt lol. But I definitely see it as a way for people to get skills and then RP being what they started off as.

That's not my game but I have seen some funny RP on irc. Newly formed Herglics trying to hop onto bar stools etc Someone get that whale a beer :P


I've done quite a few Mary Sue type things with my characters in the past (Anyone who remembers the various renditions of Tnsumi can attest to that >_>), hell even this character has some ties to the past associated with him, but even I have to draw the line at races.

Granted I've always only ever been a human or human variant (this goes for all RPGs I play, oddly enough), but I am well aware that the entire point of aliens and other races/species is to experience something new, to have to think about how they would act in given situations, what their knowledge base would be, limitations etc.

What would possess someone to race change but still "be human" is beyond me, especially since SWC is hardly a game where one can min-max, unless they are literally using the Derra Virus as a skill reset. At that point I would argue they are violating the golden rule, as the point of the Derra VIrus is to permit people to try the new races without having to completely drop their current character, not to give people skill resets willy-nilly.

Obviously this can't be readily policed nor proven, but still, it's extremely gamey and gimmicky, not to mention shitty RP as others have noted. And this is coming from Tnsumi!

For shame :P

Year 16 Day 17 11:21
Best thing would be just to ignore it :P

Just don't RP with people who are so shitty at RPing that they can't even decide on a race.



And From A Darkness I Descend
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Sel and Syn (and Squall) covered most of what I wanted to say, and I agree that it's poor RP. I've lately been less concerned with Physical appearance than with racial traits, but it still irks me and I'll always train the Pre-Scenario Trainees to play their character as the race they are (perks and flaws alike), with the skills they have, and the equipment/ships/vehicles they have access to, in a balanced manner.

We discipline or exclude people who refuse to play well with others all the time, both IRL and here in SWC. E.G. Faction membership, Trading relationships, Teams. RP is no different. I think lack of enforceability is called the "Honour System". Most of SWC RPs operate on that anyway, for skills, equipment, etc., and of course people are free to call each other out for breaking the said Honour System.

The question for me just becomes whether it matters in the context. Most breaches are cosmetic. Boo hoo. The ones where people play Amani (a race that is short and has extremely weak legs - so can't run e.g.) as Humans, or Gamorreans with high intelligence and eloquence crosses into twinky territory for RPs. Even then, unless especially egregious, most Twinky territory is just more 'poor' RP and not really enforceable except through the WS/SH Grading system or social pressure from other players.

I'm not likely to actually RP anywhere but White Scenarios and our faction boards these days. Sage advice is to ignore it where possible, as Squall said. It amuses me to think of literally ignoring it, and contradicting a player's physical descriptions of their character with your own character's observations. Kind of like a They Live moment.

Herglic-as-Human: A tall, muscular human dressed in stormtrooper armour walked in and settled down in a chair in one of the infinite empty dark corners of the Cantina. He called for the waiter and asked for a suitably bad-ass drink, then assumed a non-chalant pose as if he couldn't care less about what's going on around him as he waited for someone to notice his awesome sexy physique.

Verpine Observer: Verpy's head turned to regard the lumbering blob that had just entered, ducking beneath the doorway and squeezing past the tables and passageways designed for a mostly human-sized crowd. Blubberous masses of flesh poked out from behind a seemingly miniscule chunk of white durasteel designed for a much smaller frame. Somewhat like wrapping a bikini around a beanbag chair. Oddly, no-one reacted to the massive being - even the waiter seemed nonplussed as Herpy sat down and crashed through a set of chairs.

Year 16 Day 17 16:38
Bambl Cata

Good to see there is general opposition to it, I was worried everyone was gonna say it was acceptable.

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