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Archives » Role playing as a different race?
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Year 16 Day 17 23:23
Absolutely not. The serious roleplayers here have standards. :-) But it's just a reality that many of the players aren't here for roleplaying, rather just for the internal faction stuff, or the clicky browser gameplay aspects of SWC.



Year 16 Day 18 10:50
Lexor Gregain

The fact remains that this is only an issue because we allow skill resets with the race change. The race change option seems to contradict SWC's core value of character permanence, but I can also see that it's a nice option for people who want to RP as a race that wasn't available to them when they started the game. But by coupling it with a skill reset - the only one available in the game - it becomes an open invitation to the min/max-ers. Players will always hunger for a skill reset, for various reasons, especially in a game where the skills aren't fully implemented yet. And if changing their race is the only option they have, they will take it. And if they don't like the "look" of their new race, they'll just put up a human avatar, set their profile to private and nobody would know. Personally, if it's not possible coding-wise to deactivate skill reset at race change, I wouldn't mind the race change option going away completely, or that we changed the policy on skill-resets and maybe allowed one at level 10, 20, 30, or something similar.

Edited By: Lexor Gregain on Year 16 Day 18 10:57
Year 16 Day 18 12:51
Bambl Cata

CPs for a skill reset would seem reasonable, like 10k per level. A level 25 would have to spend 25,000 CPs on a complete reset.

The other problem that comes up when we talk about using the race change option for a skill reset is the fact that if you're already FS you can switch to a race with 1% chance and gain a ton of free stats and increased race modifier, without any effect on your Force abilities which were determined under different circumstances. On another note, if you were affected by the plague and your DNA make-up was changed (and I guess midichlorian count), you would expect facets to be re-rolled, but I am sure that would be a step too far in the penalisation area!

Year 16 Day 18 13:29
Coeus Malphur

That's only 1k per level.

At 10k per level a level 25 would have to spend 250k cp's

Year 16 Day 18 13:40
This isn't a suggestion forum, and it is a rather counterintuitive claim to make that allowing characters to magically unlearn skills and excel in new ones would somehow resolve any rp conflicts rather than creating more.

Race changes themselves aren't a problem. There is an admin mandated rp explanation for them in the form of the metamorphosis plague that players are free to adopt, in addition to a variety of other explanations such as hybrids and genetic experiments and so on. They may not be highly realistic or plausible, but then, neither is swc. The only real issue is that there are players who don't want to play the new character they created after changing their race. A skill change option would not deter people from changing their race when a "better" race comes along, nor will it stop bad roleplayers from wanting to pretend to be a race they find more attractive despite having changed their race to something else. (Because apparently swc is a dating sim)

Bad roleplay doesn't create any balance issues, however, and it is curbed where possible. At most, Dreighton could be petitioned to be a bit stricter in requiring holocron information to be consistent with the swc database but that's up to her.



Year 16 Day 18 15:12
Xakic Jix

I personally change race every time a new race is found, I have done so since the Derra virus began. Now I do not do it for a skill reset at all and would do so even if there was no skill reset since I do not change my skills or how I have the points assigned. Now with that said, I do RP the race change and have even been in an RP when I switched races and RPed that the virus had effected me once again. However I do use a human avy do to the fact that many races dont have a large selection (if any at all) of images to use, and I am not a fan of the stock images that are in SWC (only b/c it erases any form of individuality). Some might say it is bad RP (but I have seen many things that can be labeled bad RP), but I do not RP as a human when I RP. So other then the image people see in forum post there is nothing I do that goes against my actual race.



Year 16 Day 18 16:11
Well, you had a helmeted avatar for a long time so features weren't visible at all, which was a neat solution.



Year 16 Day 18 16:23
Xakic Jix

aye, and the guy i use now is the one behind the helmet in the movies. I just wanted a change for a bit, and I RP Cobra as my battle outfit. *shrugs*



Year 16 Day 20 17:52
Sigmund von Ismay

For starters, a point of clarification: the Derra virus is the one that has made all the Derra NPCs hostile, the one that changes races is the metamorphosis plague. Two different diseases.

For my own personal race change, I chose to go with the GNS that labeled Diathims as creatures overed in microscopic symbiotic parasites, thus there are 'native' diathim, the race that is always hosting a colony of them, and those of other races who have come to host a colony of them by whatever means. So, Sigmund is still Human, he just happens to be host to a Diathim symbiotic parasite colony. Not disease/plague involved, his life was saved after he ended up in vacuum without a spacesuit by a native diathim splitting their parasite colony with him. Seems it's irreversible as they're effectively part of his skin now, but he sees it as a blessing rather than a curse.

Edited By: Sigmund von Ismay on Year 16 Day 20 18:21
Year 16 Day 20 19:09
Theofan Maercan

I've changed races a couple times, mostly because of absent minded slip ups when choosing my stats. I've used a Bothan avatar (the same one) for about 2 years now, I had a different one for a couple weeks, and I've actually never even been Bothan.

If the admins made it mandatory to have your avatar set to your race, I'd be fine with that, but I'd hope for one last race change before something like that was implemented so that I could officially become a Bothan :P Other than that, I don't see how people that don't really RP can harm the RP of others by ignoring a single field in SWC. If that ruins your immersion you need to pick up a side job. :P


Year 16 Day 21 14:06
What avatar you use on the forums isn't even relevant as most of the forums are ooc, and many of us use unrelated avatars altogether, or symbols, or random images. The issue would only arise if you were all role-playing as a bothan or representing yourself as a bothan on holocron via text or image as that is an ic database. That's what this thread is about.



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