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Archives » Maximum FI Income on a planet
Year 16 Day 34 23:06

Good day to all,

I am trying to find out some MSNF numbers so I can try and setup in the future a planet for FI.

I know these numbers are hard to come by, but I dont have any way of simulating it and I cant get hard statistics due to not having a planet to build with.

If anyone can help me with these figures (MSNF = Maximum amount of particular facility per city on a planet).

I will do my best to repay for useful information.



Year 16 Day 35 5:44
Ku`Bakai Roche

Well as a general rule no more than 4 Hotels, Taverns, Offices or Garages. Other structures I'm less sure of.


Year 16 Day 35 6:31

Thankyou for your response Ku'Bakai.

Hopefully someone will be able to assist me further with a broader range of figures :)

Year 16 Day 35 6:34
Ku`Bakai Roche

You're welcome let me clarify though you can have 4 of each of those :) per city :)


Year 16 Day 35 19:00
Garage MNSF is 2 per city, not 4.

Year 16 Day 36 0:47
Generally, the larger the facility the fewer you can have per city slab on a planet. Things like CHapels and Personal Residences you can have an unlimited number. Cathedrals and Casinos are only 1 per 4 cities etc.


Year 16 Day 37 15:32
There is someone on this list that sells FI city and production spread sheets. Just head to the commerce center and search.


Year 16 Day 38 15:58

Thankyou everyone for your replies!

Year 16 Day 64 9:03
Tif Dlarek

Do I have to build 4 hotels in every city or is it the same building one city with 40 hotels and another 9 cities without a hotel?

Or maybe Casinos: On a planet 10x10 it would mean 25 Casinos would be the max.
Is it equal to have one city with all 25 in this city or should I spread it over 25 cities?


Year 16 Day 64 9:46
Theofan Maercan

Doesn't matter how many in each city. The total is dependent on what is on the entire planet.

ex. a 10x10 (fully slabbed) can have 400 hotels. you could spread these 400 hotels over 10 cities instead of putting 4 in each city and the result would be the same.


Year 16 Day 70 19:57

Thankyou everyone for your help I have built and designed my own spreadsheet which calculates planetary development.

Year 16 Day 81 10:10
Tif Dlarek

Does someone knows the average income of

- Stadium
- Ranch
- Church
- Temple
- Cathedral
- Starport
- Zoo
- Wildlife Preserve
- Training Academy



Year 16 Day 81 10:19
Ranch: ~15-19k
Church: ~17-21k
Cathedral: ~90k
Starport: ~40-45k