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Archives » New Property Editor to manage per entity-type generic properties
Ciara de` Savona

This popped up as one of the tools released in the sync.

I would just like to know what it entails and how to use it.

Ku`Bakai Roche

I think that's a dev tool, probably to help them make new items etc for R&D.


Ciara de` Savona


[00:02] Ci[a]ra> Could you spare a moment? I just have a question about one of the things on the sync.
[00:02] selatos> sure
[00:02] Ci[a]ra> I was just wondering what: New Property Editor to manage per entity-type generic properties entailed
[00:02] selatos> admin tool related to one of the engine features we added
[00:03] Ci[a]ra> ahh so not a public tool
[00:03] selatos> entities have all their stats stored in "properties" in a single table
[00:03] selatos> and this is just a new tool for asims to be able to modify those easily
[00:03] selatos> instead of our previous system for it
[00:03] selatos> main consequence is that at some point you'll see flavor text appear for items
[00:03] selatos> because it gets added through this tool
[00:03] Ci[a]ra> Ahhh that's nice.
[00:03] Ci[a]ra> Preparation for Quests I suppose

For anyone else who is curious.

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