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Year 16 Day 42 8:23
Zane Apex

I just had a Lost soul reach level 3 but did not get a skill point, do lost soul get skill point like other NPC?

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Year 16 Day 42 8:31
Cait Catra

I have, sadly, had this happen too. I think it's an extension of the "No additional Custom NPC SPs" policy that I still don't understand.


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Year 16 Day 42 11:27
Thali`a N`ightshade

I had that a while ago. It was answered in the bugbase. But Yes Cait I think it is something like that


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Year 16 Day 42 13:29
The issue with Lost Souls might be that if a Lost Soul has the same skill template as the character had when they dropped, the number of skill points is far higher than a standard Lost Soul template, so when it recalculates the number of available skill points upon each time leveled up, the answer is deep in the negatives.

Lost Souls and their skills received some discussion in the past and the alternative outcome is to force them into their low-SP template like all of the other NPC types, so I wouldn't bet on this changing. If you're lucky, it will stay as it is. :p

They are considered extremely powerful compared to any other NPC type, which is potentially problematic from both a balance standpoint and from the temptation of some players to force newbie characters to drop just to seize the resulting Lost Soul.



Year 16 Day 42 17:54
Hmm, my two Lost Souls have what looks like a normal NPC template - certainly not what you would see for a PC. This would imply that the negative number of available skill points is not the reason for this.


Year 16 Day 42 18:28
That seems rather inconsistent, so perhaps there is an additional issue here, because mine have normal player templates. Really old players too, so it wouldn't be a recent transition to lost soul.



Year 16 Day 43 2:46
Ichiru Hanabusa

i have a few, i just checked them, my oldest one has a player style skill setup, the newer one has a NPC style setup which would be impossible to achieve by a player as there are no skills in some sections at all