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Year 16 Day 44 16:07
Hello guys,

I was wondering if it will be possible for me to run my very own legion. okay not as instant action, but in the near future. I've played some years already, most time in very small factions and as freelancer

This is what I can provide:

14,000,000 Credits
6 Ships
A Space station
Some raw materials
Knowledge of the game mechanics
2 ingame-friends willng to help (limited ressources, I dont count them in here)

Knowledge of webdesign - like this example }} CLICK ME
Personal Webspace
Photoshop Skills

What can you suggest me to reach my goal?

I'm open for a open discussion even if you tell me..."not in 100 years"....okay that would make me kind of sad :)


Year 16 Day 44 16:14
Well the combine can be made up to almost anything you want. If you want to lead something make a faction. Or you can be a NFG hire underlings and work as a RPGer with other players or factions. There is a huge need for awesome RPers.


Recruiter for Black Nebula Engineering.
Year 16 Day 44 16:17
Did you read the Faction Creation rules? You'd need a bit more to get a new faction off the ground. As you'd need a couple more people to keep it running as well, it'd be a good idea to have extra money on top of the registration fee/capital to pay them either to join and help you get it started, or to keep them in it.



Year 16 Day 44 16:54
Yeah I've read it syn

I know I'm a bit short on assets..that's why I'm asking what my next steps should tipps on finding investors or something like this

Finding more people to protect from dissolving shouldn't be a problem, due to my other Star Wars activities...have many people who are willing to help me out


- Erne Scott

SWCombine International -- Germany
Year 16 Day 44 17:03
Well the first true step is knowing what type of faction you want to start.

to acquire money you can do the following:
1. Go the slow way and buy a ton of FI facilities-cost invest money and low return. (My NFG pulls in almost 3M in FI's).
2. Be a faction sitter, they pay around 1.5-3M a month.
3. Do both 1&2.
4. do 1&2 and produce/trade in a faction.
5. Donate to the combine and sell a CP ship.


Recruiter for Black Nebula Engineering.
Year 16 Day 44 17:13
Use your photoshop skills to make money, a decent artist can rake in far more than fi or sitting offers.

Year 16 Day 44 17:15
Yeah, that's true too Jevon. Also he has website skills, like I said there are those that need a good website/faction page.


Recruiter for Black Nebula Engineering.
Year 16 Day 44 17:35
Ah, if you have art skills, definitely open a thread in the Artwork forum and offer your services. Show some examples if you can. Recolours aren't hard and if you can do nice ones, you should get a fair amount of work. You can also try offering transport services in the Commerce forum for a while for extra cash. If you prefer hunting to traveling, you can still make some money off hunting drops by selling the items that drop on CPM or to the NPC market in case of creature trophies.

You have enough money to make more from trading, as well. If you don't need your station (or RMs, depending on the type of faction you're aiming to start), that would be something to sell. You can even afford cheap CP ships without donating to SWC, and they always sell well on CPM if they aren't too overpriced. Submit descriptions in the descriptions suggestions forum or post suggestions to the flavor text contest on the Sim News currently for extra CPs on top of the daily topsites clicks.

Since you're already quite far along it shouldn't take you a long time to make the rest of the money. It'll be a bigger issue to have a profitable business model after the faction is created. :p



Year 16 Day 45 0:24
Thanks for the suggestions,

What do you think, how many credits should I gather? 60-70 millions?

Year 16 Day 45 2:37
Ryan Roche

You can also gain the support of sponsors if you show promise and want to start right away, I'm sure there will be people willing to trust you with the money if you show them your plan and how you're going to achieve your goals. Try the Commerce forum as well.



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 16 Day 45 3:49
that would be an option..thx for suggesting.

Year 16 Day 45 7:08
If you are willing to invest time, I'd look into more established merc factions (I am assuming thats the type you are going for?) and join one. Preferably one that has approachable leadership so you can learn from them. Figure out what is their business strategy, how they get their assets, what keeps them going. Okay, sounds kinda like spying, but thats not what I mean. If you want to run a faction like that, you should understand how they work.

Creating a faction is easy, anyone can do that, maintaining a faction is the harder part. Without any plan for income, you can't do much long term. Unless you are lucky to have other four active friends who just want to have a faction with you and content not to expand.

Very small factions are nice and good, but only so much they can teach you. Its the big faction where you can learn more. At least in my opinion.


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Year 16 Day 45 7:41
I know the game mechanics and i already have a business strategy.

But I still need some initial funds


- Erne Scott

SWCombine International -- Germany
Year 16 Day 46 14:05
Status update:

Thanks for the suggestions. my first artwork job was worth 20,000,000 and some investors contacted me on my post at the commerce board..still not the right offer but at least some feedback.


- Erne Scott

SWCombine International -- Germany