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Year 16 Day 45 17:06
I was wondering if it would be possible to have some form of a revolver type blaster or if i could use a custom image on my own blaster.


Pax "The Phantom" Cartha

Year 16 Day 45 17:32
You can indeed put a custom image on your weapons (on anything really). You just have to ensure that it looks similar to the image of the weapon you are replacing, so no putting a revolver image in for a DL-44 for instance.


Year 16 Day 45 19:03
so i could for a defender pistol.


Pax "The Phantom" Cartha

Year 16 Day 46 5:45
We don't have many guns in combine that would easily work as a revolver right now.

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Year 16 Day 46 21:54
Revolvers? This is not cowboy bebop.

Would the night stinger be a close accurate version of a A-1 sniper rifle?


Recruiter for Black Nebula Engineering.
Year 16 Day 47 5:48
Fairly close.

/me wonders why people cant use sci fi guns...

Year 16 Day 47 6:35
Kendall Holm

Cowboy Bebop? I dont think I seen revolvers in there. I know Spike uses a Jericho 941 which is def not a revolver. Jet Black Used a Walther P99 and Faye Valentine used a Glock 30 and the Kid is never seen with a weapon I can think of.


Year 16 Day 49 12:26



How about these babies revolver based.

Year 16 Day 49 14:16
i like the top one umm how do you post pictures in threads ill show you the one i had done but there isnt a gun in the combine to match it


Pax "The Phantom" Cartha

Year 16 Day 49 18:04
image tags are shown prominently on the side of the forum post window.

Year 16 Day 51 10:30
Loucina Al-Muzzum

Maybe look up Firefly pistols, like the one Cpt. Mal used.


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