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Year 7 Day 128 9:23
Fanda Suba

how do you get droids is it possible to buy them without being in a faction

Year 7 Day 128 12:06
Bryce Armadala

You cannot create droids at the moment. To may be able to "Soon", though.

Year 7 Day 130 9:44
Fanda Suba

so no one here on this site can get a droid that is unfare

Year 7 Day 130 11:36
Hexx Harpy

You are correct, all droids on this site are fair.


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Year 7 Day 130 16:16
I'm curious as to how droids are supposed to influence a PC's stats. According to their descriptions, it would seem that they directly increase the player's skill in a certain area. The way I understand it, if you are level 3 (4 skill points) in Computer Skill, then directly supervising two R2 astromechs (2 skill points each in Computers) would boost your total skill to 4 + 2 + 2 = 8, transforming you to a level 4 in Computer Skills.

If that's not the way it works, please correct me. If it is, though, what would keep a player from artificially inflating their skill set by surrounding himself with hoards of droids?!

Not that it makes any difference, since droids aren't out yet, but I was just wondering...

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Year 7 Day 130 19:43
Once the rules team has rules and posts on the rules page we will all know what effect they have on the universe that is called Star Wars Combine.



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Year 7 Day 131 0:11
Fanda Suba

so its like it says the managestaff or something like that is currently upgradeing stuff and droids are 1 thing they chould be working on

Year 7 Day 131 2:14
Fanda, hush up. The Combine staff are working on everything they can in a logical order to complete the game, as fast as they can. Once Production is done, ships, vehicles, items, droids, and everything else will be generally available to everyone. Until then, sit and wait.


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Year 7 Day 131 9:30
Fanda Suba

right just consurned

Year 7 Day 132 1:50
Aiden Cook

Hay Hal would you have any idea about the time would they be released around the same time as items.

I'm not complaining just curious about it

Year 7 Day 132 1:55
Like you said, around the same time as items. Which is likely to be when production's done. Which will be, er... sometime?


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.