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Year 16 Day 59 1:37
Loucina Al-Muzzum

So a glacier terrain does 30 damage or so to player character within minutes of being there. NPCs have been patrolling for awhile and yet no damage happens to them.

Is this a bug or how its supposed to be.

If a bug... Will players be given notification if the NPCs recieve damage?

(Not sure, never had a squad without me there be dangered.


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Year 16 Day 59 2:56
NPCs do not suffer environmental damage, only player characters do. Environmental damage is inflicted once a day at a certain tick. Sorry, I can't remember when exactly it is since it is a time when I'm usually asleep anyway.

Year 16 Day 59 4:57
Ichiru Hanabusa

It also runs when you first enter a terrain to stop you dodging the damage by jumping onto a ship just before tick

Year 16 Day 59 11:36
It's not exactly a bug, but damage to npcs was something that Zhao had alluded to wanting to add but never did. I think at this stage it would warrant a new discussion to work out the specific functionality of environmental damage. There were some tentative plans to modify it so that damage would be taken upon exposure (when you unboard without the proper gear, or when you remove your gear outside), but it hasn't received any work in ages. Basically, this isn't something that would be easily patched up because it still needs discussion and Sel will need to make a final decision.

The tick is at 17:00 BTW. (Also subject to change in the distant future :p)



Year 16 Day 59 23:56

I hate making decisions.


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Year 16 Day 60 2:02
It's fine; your secretary will slip you something to sign and you just need to pretend to have read it.



Year 16 Day 60 12:48
I always thought that was how the galaxy keep running ...


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