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Year 16 Day 61 13:38
I suspect user error. That is why I'm asking here, rather than posting a bug report.

No matter the size of the original image, my new sig seems to be tiny. The actual image is 400x217 pixels. That posted tiny, so I posted a 1000x543 version. This was also tiny.

I also tried manually setting the size via html, but that did not did not change the sig size in the forums.

The html is correct when posted as an image in the test forum. It appears at the correct size. However, when the same html is placed in the sig box, it appears tiny in the sig area.

So, what am I doing wrong?

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Year 16 Day 61 13:53
Has to be the Image source URL itself.

Yep. I right follow your signature image URL, and it redirects to the HTML page.

You want THIS url:


Off Photobucket, copy the "Direct" link and paste that into the <img src="pastehere" />, or copy the HTML link and just paste that if you don't care about it linking to the photobucket page.

HTML copy/paste is below
photo Bentake Hartok Sig_zpss32fm7if.jpg

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Year 16 Day 61 13:59
Yep. That did it.

Thank you kindly.


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