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Year 16 Day 74 10:47
Katrina Gomez

So i just found out that you could get banned for logging into another ip address that someone else has logged into

So me and my friend share computers and i was wondering how we set up the multi account thing

Year 16 Day 74 11:02

You want to file a Support Ticket asking to be registered which includes both your handles and e-mail addresses.

Year 16 Day 74 11:14
Katrina Gomez

What if i dont know his handle/ its multiple people

Year 16 Day 74 13:23
Kendall Holm

If it is a university connection we can tell ... most of the time at which case I believe you to be safe from that


Year 16 Day 74 19:53
If it's a friend you know is using SWC, ask them for it. Better yet, tell them to list you as a multi when they join. If you know that you share a connection with someone, you need to register.

If you just attend a university or use a public connection, as Kendall points out, we can usually tell, but even if it isn't possible to determine, we have only about 2600 active accounts.. out of the total population, it's extremely unlikely it will cause a problem. It never does.



Year 16 Day 75 13:34
Katrina Gomez

what does it mean when your a multi account like what happenes do the admins just watch you or like what

Year 16 Day 75 13:41
It's just a note on your account so if you're suspected of having a second account at any point the admins can see that you declared yourself as sharing a connection with someone.



Year 16 Day 75 13:49
Katrina Gomez

so you guys dont do anything? my friend is all paranoid that you guys will stare above him watching his every move.

Year 16 Day 75 14:03
Lexor Gregain

When two or more players share an IP address, registering a multi account is always the right thing to do. Otherwise, you will get banned when you get caught.

Year 16 Day 75 15:57
Victor O`Cuinn

And if your friend isn't cheating or breaking any rules he has nothing to worry about.



Year 16 Day 75 19:58
Nope, no extra monitoring occurs. You just get added to a really long and laggy list of handles who declared themselves to be different people and therefore don't get automatically banned for sharing a connection.



Year 16 Day 76 14:21
Katrina Gomez

He isn't cheating, just really paranoid after some big suicide thing that happened a while back

Year 16 Day 76 17:25
Lexor Gregain

That's some strange logic. A bit like refusing to get license tabs for your car because you're scared the people at the licensing department will follow you everywhere you drive. I really hope your friend's paranoia doesn't get you banned and hope you can convince him to follow the rules. I'd help if I could, but with logic like that, I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Year 16 Day 76 21:55
I would recommend a knife