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Archives » Where & What Is SWC Hosted On?
Year 16 Day 75 11:32
So is SWC's game/website server thing hosted in some room chock full of servers in a warehouse somewhere in England? Or does Veynom have some really sweet privately-owned computer setup somewhere hosting the site? Also where DOES he host it from? Germany? London?

Ayeyeye, I've been playing too much Watch Dogs. It's made me curious.

Year 16 Day 75 12:04
As far as I'm aware (which might be incorrect, but I recall hearing this) the primary server is located in a serverfarm in Texas. Again, I might be incorrect :p

Year 16 Day 75 12:19
Tracerout suggests Dallas, which rings a faint bell from similar questions from a few years back. I believe there was a storm or something in Texas a few years ago that knocked the server offline, which is where I first heard the servers were located there.

Edit: Well, this was easier than running a traceroute...

Edited By: Tomas O`Cuinn on Year 16 Day 75 12:22

Year 16 Day 75 16:26

Yes we have dedicated hosting provided by crucial paradigm, based out of Dallas, Texas.

Perhaps paradoxically, the server's timezone setting is MST, not CST.


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Year 16 Day 75 18:53
Kendall Holm


Year 16 Day 79 23:23
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

I'm mildly tempted to visit the servers for some reason.